A wearable for horses: New device connects horse and rider

By Editor November 4, 2015


Paris, France – Nov. 04, 2015Equisense, a technology start-up with the ambition to improve the workout experiences of equestrians worldwide, announces the launch of its first product, the Balios sensor. Balios is a connected device that attaches to the girth of the saddle. Once the workout begins, it automatically tracks the intensity of the training session and the horse’s movement. The data tracked by the device is then sent to a free smartphone app via a Bluetooth signal, which allows the rider to train the horse more effectively.

The app creates a report summarizing all of the collected data, which can be shared with your coach, veterinarian, or lessee, allowing all parties to adapt their training or treatment to the needs of the horse. The coach has access to all the data of the horse’s training session – even if he/she wasn’t present for the ride. The data from the app can also alert to the first signs of injury or fatigue to the horse, contributing to a more horse-friendly training.

The Equisense app analyzes a variety of factors during a rider’s training session, including:
• Movement symmetry and lameness
• Type of gait
• Course and trajectory of jumping effort
• Cadence
• Speed
• Suspension
• Length of strides
• Intensity of session

“As a competitive rider, I saw a need for this technology to help riders train more efficiently, while keeping their horses healthy,” said Benoît Blancher, Co-Founder of Equisense. “The Equisense team has combined a passion for riding and love for technology to create the Balios sensor, and we believe it can change the world of horseback riding.”

Balios is available for pre-order for €99 on Kickstarter. To find out more about the Balios sensor, visit the website at www.equisense.com.