BizChatBox offers free live chat software for websites

By Editor August 24, 2015

Newly launched platform delivers interactive customer service opportunities for businesses of all sizes

BizChatBox is now offering its live chat services for websites at no cost. This service allows websites to offer real time, comprehensive help and support to their customers.

BizChatBox offers this service to everyone – the free service plan is the premium plan. Every business can get the same features from this 100% free customer support tool while enjoying complete customization so no two chat boxes have to be the same. The features offered with these chat box tools are unbeatable, especially for the no-cost price tag.

Businesses can expect quick set up of their free online chat platforms. Businesses simply register on the BizChatBox website, choose from the available widgets, and copy and paste the code into the body of their site’s HTML coding. If a business is using a site that does not allow them to write their own code, there is a hosted chat page feature that that business can use on those sites. It is still an easy set up using copy and paste.

A BizChatBox widget is completely advertisement free – no worrying about a service issue being interrupted by an advertisement or annoying a customer with pop up ads. Businesses will also find that the BizChatBox website is free of advertisements as well. There are several features that are offered with unlimited options. Those features include customizable chat widgets, chats, histories, operators, and departments. Businesses can modify the widgets’ size, color, position, and content in order to tailor each BizChatBox to the business’s needs, as well as being able to have as many boxes as needed from multiple web sites, blogs, forums, signatures, etc.

Businesses no longer have to prioritize chats because they will be able to have as many as needed on any day. BizChatBox histories are kept and stored for future reference. Businesses can create different departments so customers can get help from the appropriate employees. Each business can have as many or as little departments as they see fit and can staff each department with the appropriate amount of employees without worrying about going over a predetermined limit.

Businesses will benefit from a seamless transition because BizChatBox is offered on mobile apps on the iOS and Android platforms. Customers get the same great support and chat features while they are on the go as they do from a desktop computer. BizChatBox offers businesses reports on the elements they choose to get feedback on in order to use that information to better their employees’ services. A company can watch for the bumps in order to train employees on how to handle different customer support situations.

BizChatBox offers integration for several programs right now and is working on many more. BizChatBox’s goal is to make it easy on the business to provide great customer support, and they are anxious to be able to offer it on all media platforms. More information can be found at