Bluewire Audio names Pilgrim Innovative Plastics of Plymouth as manufacturer of proprietary sound system

By Editor January 6, 2016

NORTHBOROUGH and PLYMOUTH, MABluewire Audio LLC, a start-up company founded by Andy and Emily Proos that is working to develop a safer and less cumbersome way to listen to audio while running or engaged in other physical activity, announces Pilgrim Innovative Plastics in Plymouth, Massachusetts, as manufacturer of the proprietary sound system product.

The announcement comes on the heels of the creation of Bluewire Audio’s first prototype of its product, designed by Ideology Product Development, Inc., and created by Empire Prototype Development. Both companies are part of the Empire Group, and are located in Attleboro, Mass.

The product consists of a set of small speakers that are mounted on the outside of a cap or visor, where they direct audio towards the wearer’s ear. Without being too loud to disturb other people in the surrounding area, the speakers allow the wearer to listen to music or other audio without needing to fumble with earbuds or wires. More importantly, they also preserve ambient sound, eliminating the safety concerns when conventional earbuds or headphones are used during outdoor activities.

“We’re excited to be at the stage of manufacture and couldn’t be more pleased about working with another local company and to see our product come to fruition,” said Andy Proos. “We could have looked outside the country but recognize the importance of doing what we can for the U.S. economy – and beyond that, Pilgrim Innovative Plastics has an outstanding reputation.”

Pilgrim Innovative Plastics, LLC is a locally owned and operated business located in America’s hometown of Plymouth, Massachusetts. Founded in February of 1999 with an initial focus on short-run injection molding, the company has expanded to include high volume molding.

About Bluewire Audio LLC
Bluewire Audio LLC is a start-up founded by anesthesiologist Andy Proos and his daughter Emily, who is a recent graduate of Babson College with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. The company is based on their idea for a speaker system that is mounted on the band of a hat or visor allowing the wearer to listen to audio while engaged in physical activity without the inconvenience of wires and earbuds that can be distracting and require continual readjustment. It also allows the user to hear ambient sound, addressing the safety concerns when conventional earbuds and headphones that feature noise-canceling technology are used in active settings. For more information on Bluewire Audio, contact [email protected] or [email protected].