Braci launches snore detector app for the Pebble Watch

By Editor June 16, 2015

United Kingdom – June 16th, 2015 – Braci (, both a platform and product that detects sounds and delivers notifications to Android Wear devices and the Pebble Watch, has officially launched the Snoring Detector app. This is the first of many sound detection apps being launched by the YouNoodle 1K (YN1K) honoree. Braci, known as The Smart Ear, has created a “digital fingerprint” for a range of sounds and has a provisional U.S. patent as well as a pending patent in the UK. The “fingerprints” allow the Braci platform to detect sounds and convert them into easily understood notifications.

The Snoring Detector app, which is profiled in this humorous video, was developed to help sleepers combat snoring and sleep tight and comfortable all night long. When snoring is detected, the app sends a signal to the individual’s wearable device, notifying the sleeper with light and vibrating pulses to shift sleeping position. Once the position is changed, the vibration on the wearable device automatically stops. If the person continues to snore, the app signals the device to increase the power of vibration until the sleeper changes position.

“Just about everyone snores occasionally, but if snoring happens frequently it can affect the quantity and quality of your sleep as well as that of your family members or roommates,” said Anwar Almojarkesh CEO & Founder of Braci. “Snoring can lead to poor sleep, daytime fatigue, irritability and increased health problems. Using our proprietary algorithms that have the ability to detect and filter out snores, we have created a revolutionary solution that helps to relieve snoring problems and gives the snorer and everyone around them a deeper and more restful night’s sleep.”

The user can set the sensitivity of the snore detector and the number of alerts as well as how many snores are needed before a notification is sent to the sleeper. Once the user wakes, a history of all detected snores can be viewed. The Braci Snoring Detector app has been designed to use very little power so there is no need to plug the device into a charger while sleeping.

The Braci team has secured approximately £100,000 from various investors and won several awards, at Slush in Finland and Starcube in the Czech Republic. They are also part of the YN1K Network. YN1K focuses on the top percentile of entrepreneurs and ideas selected from a global network of over 77,000 startups coming through more than 420 YouNoodle-driven startup competitions worldwide.

“We discovered Braci through the Global Innovation Through Science and Technology program, an initiative that forges links at the individual and institutional levels among technology entrepreneurs, angel investors, and the marketplace to improve quality of life through economic prosperity,” said Torsten Kolind, Co-Founder and CEO of YouNoodle. “This team is living and working proof that unique ideas are being discovered and transformed through startup competitions that are happening globally and making new revolutions in technology and innovation a reality.”

About Braci

Braci ( is both a platform and a product branded the Smart Ear that detects sounds and delivers a notification to wearable devices that alert the user of everything from alarms to snores and more. The Braci team, consisting of Anwar Almojarkesh , Amr Wanly , Matthew Manetta and Juma El-Awaisi, has created a “digital fingerprint” for a range of sounds and has a provisional US patent as well as a pending patent in the UK. The fingerprints allow the Braci platform to detect sounds and convert them into easily understood notifications. The company’s products were developed for all age groups and are especially helpful for the hearing impaired.

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