BUDU: The Next Generation Phone Case Built for Next Generation Phones

By Luke Taylor June 30, 2017
phone case

Buy a $5 car-phone holder to ingeniously turn your iPhone into a Sat-nav. It arrives in two days. Deep joy. Unwrap said case and stick it on to your windscreen with the plastic sucker ready for imminent road trip.

Insert iPhone into case. Phone case sucker loses suction. Phone falls into the foot well.

Loud cursing.


Consistently attempt to re-attach the plastic sucker thing whilst trying not to crash your car. Give up and try not to lose hope in humanity.

Clearly, somewhere along the line, the principles of quality and reliability were forgotten.

BUDU – a modular phone case – was designed in part, as a solution to this issue. Instead of putting these principles to the back of the list of the product’s priorities, they were made central to its conception.

How It Works

BUDU is a slim case with concealed magnets that attaches on to the back of your phone (just like a regular protective case).

Using BUDU’s various attachments, you can then attach your phone to your kitchen wall whilst cooking, to your armband whilst running, or to your baby-stroller whilst walking through the park.

The Attachments

The case’s neo magnets ensure that your phone never falls from an attachment and the durable case means that if you ever drop it, your phone is safe.

Over the past year, BUDU’s design team have been meticulously designing and crafting a case that not only protects your phone, but also gives you the freedom to use your phone in a new, exciting way. The result is a simpler solution to a simple problem.

BUDU performs simple tasks and performs them well. No more ordering countless ‘cheapo’ plastic cases from Amazon!