C10 partners with POP to help entrepreneurs and IT leaders collaborate and shape direction of new technologies

By Editor June 12, 2015

Partnership creates new business platform for collaboration

Irvine, CA – C10™ today announced a strategic partnership with POP to adopt the POPin 2.0 crowdsourcing app, which will allow C10 members to collaborate with their peers to shape the direction of new technologies coming out of Silicon Valley, and to help entrepreneurs understand and solve their issues.

C10 is a private business network that connects IT executives with their peers and trusted partners. The POPin crowdsourcing platform will provide a valuable tool for C10 by giving members a behind-the-curtains view of Series A, B, and C round companies coming out of Silicon Valley. In this way, users can provide feedback on product direction, go-to-market, and overall strategy to VC-backed startups in a structured manner via the POPin app.

“The feedback we received from the C10 community through the POPin platform was critical in helping us understand market pain points and opportunities in our industry so that we could refine our offering to make the biggest market impact,” said Gaurav Manglik, President and CEO of CliQr Technologies. “We’re excited to have a method in place that allows us to take the pulse of the market and execute quickly on the insights we identify.”

The core of C10’s business is centered on helping Senior IT Executives build deep relationships of trust and unique experiences among their peers across geographies. By creating these relationships, business is done faster, better and more efficiently. Through exposure to the latest technologies, CIOs will be able to use the latest products to make their businesses more effective by improving their processes and systems.

“C10 and POPin provide start-up companies with a powerful tool to get real world feedback from potential customers,” said Asheem Chandna, Partner, Greylock Partners. “Feedback via this new mobile collaborative approach can help companies focus product development and increase the pace of innovation.”

POP founder and CEO Hayes Drumwright commended C10 CEO Chris Hemming and COO Jessica Stone for creating a vibrant environment where executives can share their experiences and grow their careers.

“We are excited to forge this partnership to drive value among VCs, entrepreneurs, and the C10 Network,” said Drumwright. “We believe POPin is a tool that can further that value and experience, and together we can redefine focus groups and customer voice in a way where everyone wins.”

By partnering with POPin, C10 will allow CIOs to collaborate better with their peers in order to drive technology initiatives forward faster, through the adoption and creation of products that solve actual challenges. POPin also gives the staff new opportunities to be heard and to affect changes by voting on shared initiatives.

“Our goal is to always give back and add value to the IT Community,” said Christopher Hemming, President, C10. “We pride ourselves on helping IT leaders forge deep and meaningful relationships with the right people, and focus on being a ‘giving’ organization.”

The POPin mobile app is available for download from the Apple App Store for iOS smartphones, and for Android and Web-based devices.

About POPin

POPin is a mobile app used by business and IT professionals to generate buy in for strategic initiatives by making all critical assets: employees, partners and/or customers an accomplice in the master plan. Leveraging crowdsourcing and crowdsolv­ing to meet specific business challenges via a time-bound question-based approach to lift leaders and provide a common voice for engagement, POPin also leverages SaaS, web interfaces and dedicated engagement managers to deliver timely and innovative impact to relevant corporate objectives.

About C10

C10 connects IT executives with their peers and trusted partners. Our goal is to help solve challenges, build rolodexes, and add value to each individual that we work with. By focusing not just on someone’s professional life, but on the personal side as well, C10 is able to build long lasting relationships of trust with IT Executives. We have created a “giving” community and acknowledge the importance of creating unique experiences to connect leaders on a deeper level.