Construction project pairing portal announces official launch in Washington and Oregon

By Editor March 9, 2016

Kunstrux, a Pacific Northwest-based startup providing an online builder exchange service, is pleased to announce the official launch along with a fully-featured website.

Kunstrux is an online construction matching platform, founded with the intent to simplify the process of matching residential or commercial property owners with construction needs, to eligible local contractors. Kunstrux also highlights its self-developed scoring program, which gives each contractor a score generated by evaluating contractor’s qualification in all relevant aspects. The rating algorithm is designed to assist property owners in finding the right contractors who are capable to accomplish their needs. It also helps contractors with no marketing know-how to showcase their capability easily. This new service is expected to help users find the right match faster and accomplish construction projects more efficiently.

“I am thrilled to introduce Kunstrux in the Washington and Oregon areas, and I have a strong belief that it will become the top option for property owners and contractors in the region,” says Rick Methvin, the founder of Kunstrux, “Our Builders Scoring System allows property owners to quickly identify the most appropriate contractors without time-consuming comparison. For contractors, not only can they earn leads with a lower fee ($5 or lower/ea), but Kunstrux also acts as a true online business exchange for them to bid on projects for other contractors with consistent projects.”

The startup is taking its first step in the Pacific Northwest area with the ambition to expand its services nationwide in the near future. On the new website, users are able to learn more about the services, sign up for a membership, and browse home improvement ideas and articles.

Rick Methvin went on to say “We are encouraging contractors in the Washington and Oregon areas to join Kunstrux and experience how it’s different from other sites. Now we are offering instant access to our premium membership for 60 days. Risk free.” Users can register and use code: SKILLED at registration for exclusive access to the premium membership for the first 60 days with no charge. To learn more about their service or to register, please visit

About Kunstrux

Kunstrux is a web-based portal that provides services of matching qualified contractors with residential and commercial construction projects. Its like-no-other credit scoring system provides a neutral assessment to contractor’s capability, which allows contractors to promote business easily as well as help property owners find dependable professionals. To learn more about Kunstrux, visit the website at