Cronzy pen on Indiegogo can scan, write in over 16 million colors

By Tim Hinchliffe August 4, 2016

The Cronzy wonder-pen allows you to write or draw in any color you like, with a selection of more than 16 million colors.

Remember those pens back in the 90s that you could slide between five colors with a click of your finger? Now imagine a pen that lets you use 16 million times that many colors.

Another old-school feature that is reminiscent of the program Paint is that the Cronzy pen allows you to copy/scan any color from any given surface.

There is a built-in “color scanner” in the body of the pen and in just a few seconds, you can scan any color you like and re-create it in your diary, sketchbook, on canvas, or on the skin, etc. Point the pen at any object, a green leaf or a brown mug – and the color will be the same as the scanned object.

The pen has raised nearly $14,000 on Indiegogo at the time of this publication with about another two months to go to reach the goal of $200K.