dfinanz, the 1st global social network for finance launched in Australia

By Editor June 3, 2015

A place where bank clients can share financial information and refinance their home loans on their own terms with the Fair Rate Movement

June, 2015 (Brisbane, Australia) – An Australian social network brings a new conversation around finance today (06/02/2015) with the global launch of dfinanz (www.dfinanz.com).

This free social platform wants to revolutionize the way banking is conducted. dfinanz’s approach to finance – the brainchild of a team of experienced international specialists – is to provide an innovative forum for sharing ideas and strategies.

The dfinanz model is founded on finding information symmetry by sharing financial insights. It invites anyone interested in finance to provide opinion, analysis and comment on a plethora of finance-related topics and to share it with a global audience.

Through dfinanz, the banking public will have unique access to this source of financial awareness, and the opportunity to gain deeper knowledge into the machinations behind banking. So whether it’s complex macroeconomics, credit assessments, or the impact on the bottom line of your favorite sporting team’s latest acquisition, dfinanz is the go-to site for up-to-the-minute financial intelligence.

Thanks to dfinanz’s innovative filtering and tagging system, finding and sharing financial content is easier than ever before. Members of the dfinanz network can share, link, post, comment and rate anything related to finances at the touch of a button.

Ultimately, dfinanz hopes its users will be empowered to take a more active role in their own finances, safe in the knowledge that they can share personal information, compare their current and desired home loan rates, and negotiate a better deal with anonymity. It’s a community that dfinanzdescribes as the Fair Rate Movement – a means of shifting power back in favour of banking clients.

“Everybody in banking wants to be seen as the smartest guy in the room, but dfinanzsets out to be the room – the forum for discussion, inspiration, innovation and the evolution of a fairer rate,” says dfinanz founder Peter Coco.

dfinanz is being launched today in English and Spanish with plans to expand into other languages as its network grows internationally.