European Confederation of Junior Enterprises – JADE – becomes a partner of UNITIATE

By Editor February 17, 2016

Brussels: UNITIATE Founder & CEO Geoffrey Ravoire announced a partnership agreement with JADE. Present in 14 countries and almost 300 institutions, JADE is an important ally in the development of the UNITIATE mentoring program.

A few months after its launch, UNITIATE is delighted to announce a new successful step toward the construction of its platform: “Being a partner of JADE is a chance for us to reach more universities and students in Europe, and offer them a chance to apply for the UNITIATE grant,” declares Ravoire. Indeed, members of the dynamic JADE community include countries such as Austria, Belgium, Croatia, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK.

The ambition of JADE is to be visible in front of businesses, policy makers and academia by representing and developing, through cooperation and exchange of practices, a high-quality network of entrepreneurial students throughout Europe. “Working together with UNITIATE will allow our members to gain more experience by connecting with talented role models and not only in Europe,” continues Daniela Runchi, President of JADE.

As the voice of the Junior Enterprise movement and youth entrepreneurship in Europe, JADE’s main missions are to: encourage knowledge exchange and cooperation among the European network of Junior Enterprises; foster the Junior Enterprise concept to non-member countries and encourage entrepreneurship among students in higher education through the Junior Enterprise concept. A mindset close to that of UNITIATE, start-up built to create synergies between like-minded, high-achieving young professionals with a background in Business, Design, Engineering or Law.

“A Junior Enterprise is a non-profit civil social organization, formed and managed exclusively by students of higher education, which provides services for organizations under the guidance of teachers and professionals and with the goal to consolidate and enhance the learning or their members,” explains Runchi. “Junior Enterprises are very similar to real companies, counting with the principles of corporate governance like management council and executive board, and own regulation.” UNITIATE is proud to be associated to this practical educational model and to engage in cross-promotional activities with JADE to leverage each other’s strength in Europe.

UNITIATE is permanently searching for new Sponsors, Partners and Members. For more information on UNITIATE and how you can participate in or support the program, please send a request to [email protected].

JADE – the European Confederation of Junior Enterprises – is an international, non-profit umbrella-organisation of enterprises across Europe established and managed solely by students. The network is currently composed of 14 Confederations and Consultative Members from Europe, summing up to circa 280 JE’s.

JADE’s Executive Board is based in Brussels and works with the European Commission on matters such as Entrepreneurship Education strategies, the Oslo Agenda, the SBA for Europe, as well as the SME Week.

UNITIATE is an international platform to develop the business and social skills of senior college students. Annually, sponsored students in the fields of Business, Design, Engineering and Law are connected with their respective industry leaders and peers to facilitate early career development and opportunities.

UNITIATE provides a business-savvy, value-driven environment that places personal growth and sharing at the forefront. Networking relationships made possible by the sponsorship will support the young graduates throughout their careers.

A trusted recruitment and marketing platform, UNITIATE has been established in 2015 by Geoffrey Ravoire.