ExpertKnowledge raises $725K in Seed funding to transform organizational knowledge into e-learning


Houston, TX – January 27, 2016ExpertKnowledge, Inc., a knowledge-management education technology company, announces its graduation of the EDGE EdTech Accelerator program and launch of its SaaS enterprise product – Synapse™, the world’s first eLearning authoring tool that aims to automate instructional design. The company raised $725,000 in seed funding led by the EDGE EdTech Fund with participation from Thought into Action Ventures and other investors from Houston and New York. The funding will be used to drive product development and demand generation as the company launches its learning development solutions to transform corporate training programs in the enterprise.

Unlike other authoring tools, SynapseTM is a learning design and development tool that guides subject matter experts through the entire course creation process with ease (analysis, design, develop, deliver and measure), eliminating the need for hands-on instructional design expertise. “It removes a huge bottleneck in the learning industry,” said Ryan Austin, CEO at ExpertKnowledge. “Subject matter experts can now design learning programs that align with business goals and objectives and instructional designers are free to lead more projects.”

“We see huge potential for SynapseTM in its expansion in the enterprise market, and ExpertKnowledge is a very special opportunity that we’re excited to be a part of,” said Wills Hapworth, Executive Director at Thought into Action Ventures. “The roots supporting ExpertKnowledge grow deep and early validation from elite pilot clients, including the largest energy company in the world, demonstrate that ExpertKnowledge is the panacea for the pain it’s solving.”

SynapseTM works on all devices: mobile, tablets and desktops to provide optimal user experience, and eLearning is published as rich interactive media, so subject matter experts can teach everybody, anywhere.

“Seventy-five percent of corporations design learning without a systematic approach to instructional design, a major reason why corporate training fails,” said Austin. “We’ve developed Synapse™ to enable any subject matter expert to design highly efficient and effective online courses while automatically adhering to the highest adult learning standards. Clients can now deliver corporate training both faster and at a lower cost than ever before.”

To learn more about ExpertKnowledge, visit

About ExpertKnowledge:

ExpertKnowledge provides the world’s first intelligent learning development tool made specifically for knowledge capture and transfer. It enables organizations to transform in-house expertise into highly efficient and effective online learning, both faster and at a lower cost than ever before. To learn more about ExpertKnowledge, visit

About Thought into Action Ventures:

Founded in 2014, Thought into Action Ventures invests in early-stage companies. They place a heavy emphasis on mentorship and conduct in-depth customer research to assess pain points and the degree to which a company is addressing that pain. With a primary focus on ventures producing revenues today, and definable acquirers and visible paths to exit. The fund is run and advised by seasoned operators and investors who are passionate about start-ups and experienced in building great businesses. To learn more about Thought into Action Ventures, visit

About EDGE EdTech:

Founded by EdTech veterans Don Burton and Jonathan Harber, EDGE provides the toolsets to help early stage EdTech companies from launch to ultimate success and exit. It gives Edtech Startups an unfair advantage by accessing and leveraging the most extensive and powerful network & assets in the education technology sector. To learn more about EDGE, visit


  • Bill

    I think that Expert knowledge is doing a great job but the question is how can people actually gain from the synapse. It is a very nice thing to do. what will make me use synapse at any point of my life. can I get knowledge on how to handle difficult projects and be successful in it.

    Reply to Bill
    • Ryan Austin


      Thank you for your comments.

      Right now Synapse’s value proposition is towards corporations. In the future, we hope to help knowledge providers, like yourself, create eLearning programs that might benefit others. Think about LinkedIn for example or other professional marketplaces…. wouldn’t it be nice if you could apply knowledge to create and publish courses while automatically adhering to adult learning best practices? You could sell your knowledge to like-minded people who are looking to do things better. While platforms like YouTube, etc. provide the ability to publish content in the form of informal learning, ExpertKnowledge provides structure and best practices around real learning science. Our technology enables anyone to become a proficient course designer to share knowledge effectively.

      Ryan Austin – CEO at ExpertKnowledge.

      Reply to Ryan Austin
  • mike802

    75% of corporations being without a service to facilitate their learning materials sounds like a very interesting market to be a part of. Corporate customers are often long-term investments can can help establish a very solid base for a productive future through annual contracts and maintenance agreements.

    Reply to mike802
    • Ryan Austin

      Thanks Mike,

      We are working hard to make a difference and I agree with your comments about corporate partners. However, it’s not so much about being without a service to facilitate learning material – it’s about not using PowerPoint and gut/intuition to create it. There is a lot of evidence based science around how to design and deliver learning effectively. But how do you teach Subject Matter Experts/Life-Long learners to do this… they didn’t go to school to learn about pedagogy or instructional design. That’s where we help to automate processes so companies deliver corporate learning efficiently and effectively.

      Ryan Austin – CEO at ExpertKnowledge.

      Reply to Ryan Austin

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