Featured Company Pitch: North Social

By Editor August 26, 2010

North Social logo 

Company: North Social

Website: www.northsocial.com

Headquarters: Oakland, Calif.

Year Founded: 2010

Employees: 15

Company Description:

Simple Applications. Powerful Facebook Pages.

By Alex Bernstein, Partner

Alex BernsteinFacebook has become a marketing must for any brand, whether a global corporation or an indie band.  But not anyone can take advantage of the offerings on Facebook due to budgetary and technical limitations.  How many brands have the budget of Red Bull and the engineering savvy of Google?  The most compelling, engaging fan pages on Facebook were built with thousands of dollars by the most talented developers and agencies.  What’s a smaller brand to do?

Shortly after Facebook launched pages for businesses, we were meeting with clients who wanted to enhance their presence on Facebook but couldn’t afford the cost to build and maintain custom applications and didn’t have the time or technical knowledge to outsource developers.  We immediately recognized a need and engineered a way that we could enable all brands, big and small, to overcome the financial and technical challenges of Facebook by offering a full suite of easy to use applications that were both affordable and powerful.

When we set to build the largest platform of Facebook applications for businesses, we first conducted an exhaustive research process of what applications consumers seek on Facebook, cracked the whip on our developers, and finally unveiled our initial platform of fifteen (and growing) custom Facebook applications.  The best part?  We offer each user access to all (yes, all) of the apps for just $19 per month.

We deal with hundreds of brands of all sizes every day.  Whether it’s the start up companies we’re helping to incubate (we run the Oakland, CA based incubator North Venture Partners), the major national brands we service (like SanDisk, Disney, and AEG), or the coffee shop across the street from our offices in Oakland, everyone needs a level playing field and Facebook, and our platform, can provide that.

We can’t wait to see what people can create when not encumbered by a lack of budget or an engineering degree.  With those two major obstacles eliminated by the North Social suite of applications, there’s really no stopping the flow of ideas and viral marketing on Facebook. 

We’re keeping a watchful eye on what new marketing tools, technologies, and strategies will evolve across social media as it overtakes all other media platforms.  We’re even more excited to put the most powerful tools on earth within reach for every business.

North Social – www.northsocial.com