Featured Pitch: Dialectic Networks

By Editor February 17, 2010

Dialectic Networks logo 

Company: Dialectic Networks

Website: www.dialecticnet.com

Headquarters: Osprey, Florida

Year Founded: 2005

Founder: Lee Hansen, CEO

Employees: 15

Company Description in 140 characters or less: 

"Dialectic Networks offers public/private commercial cloud computing and virtualized data center environments for mid/enterprise clients."

By Lee Hansen, Founder & CEO 

Lee Hansen, Dialectic NetworksBusinesses in all kinds of industries today are dependent on one common area—technology.  From the simplest ice cream shop all the way up to the most complex, multinational Fortune 100 corporations, all companies have some sort of technological backbone driving operations.

Large companies often have hundreds of thousands of square feet worth of space dedicated to housing massive amounts of technology such as servers and storage.  Some of today’s largest companies even contract with other businesses to house their data in separate places, just in case something goes wrong and they need to access data during or after a disaster.  Smaller companies may not be this complex with their data but still rely on technology to help drive the business.

The need for even larger space to house critical technology and data, as well as the exponentially growing costs to build, house and maintain all of this technology, has forced companies to rethink strategies around how they approach technological solutions for their business operations.  In fact, industry analyst firm Gartner revealed in a recent study that average power consumption per server quadrupled from 2001 to 2006, and that the average number of servers would grow 50 percent by 2010.  Realizing this and also knowing the average size company today may spend an estimated and modest $100,000 each year on technological solutions it is easy to understand how important data and technology will be in the years to come.  This price tag may not even include the costs associated with maintaining the facility that houses all of this technology.

What’s sorely needed is a way to drive down the cost of housing all the data a company uses while increasing the overall performance—now and in the future when your business expands or even contracts.   In addition to the expensive fees in building and maintaining a physical location to house all of your data, it can be very expensive if a disaster were to hit your area and you either lose all your data or are forced to find a new home for it.

What’s more is the fact that many of today’s technology solutions are simply inefficient.  Housing your data and technology in one physical location means your servers are often wasting resources when powered up but using only a percentage of its total compute capacity.

Enter Dialectic Networks, an IBM System x reseller and solutions provider that works with companies of all sizes to better manage and utilize technology and data.  A growing company with 15 people on staff, Dialectic Networks helps companies with a “savings triangle” that optimizes cutting-edge technology that’s ultra reliable. 

This savings triangle is comprised of the latest developments in open source software, modular data center designs, and cloud computing using trusted IBM hardware and software.  With energy costs rising as well as the growing demand for highly available compute and storage capacity that can quickly scale, Dialectic Networks offers a number of virtualized solutions, including a new containerized solution to data housing, also known as a portable modular data center environment.

Dialectic Networks helps implement these environments, which offer reduced up-front capital and on-going operational expenses vs. more traditional ‘brick and mortar’ installations.  Together with virtualized/cloud computing solutions, the company’s total cost of ownership designs result in less front-end construction costs, lower overall costs for power and cooling, and lower costs to manage with time and labor-saving efficiencies.

Hosting your own data on-site is not only a dangerous idea but also an expensive one.  Natural disasters, severe weather-related events and terrorist attacks have unfortunately become a part of our daily lives and even the best planning often can’t prepare for the worst-case scenario.  Because of this, businesses are now turning to what is known as cloud computing.  In a sense, cloud computing means your data resides in a virtual environment on thousands of smaller servers rather than on one supercomputer at your location.

Through cloud computing environments, set up by Dialectic Networks, companies no longer have to self-host their own servers and data.  This means you eliminate the need for expensive facilities to house the equipment, air conditioning costs to cool the facility, a generator for backup power and even a series of batteries to support the data while the generator kicks in.  All of this is on top of the additional need to staff the data center with the best IT professionals needed to manage technical operations.  In a sense, your data becomes hosted “in the clouds” in a “virtual” environment, available to scale up/out or down/in when you need.  Businesses can choose to have their data housed in a private cloud, public cloud or in a hybrid combination of the two environments.

Dialectic Networks is also building its own cloud environment, which will help companies eliminate the worry of experiencing any down time as a result of any situation or catastrophic event your business may face.

Sometimes it’s important to move your physical servers from one location to the next.  For example, companies that have offices or projects that move from time-to-time need servers to run the business operations but live in a mobile environment depending on where the projects are located.  In this situation Dialectic Networks sets up a portable modular data center (PMDC) that can easily be transported from one location to the next.

The new PMDC environments can house up to 2,016 high-end, state-of-the-art servers and compatible storage in many flexible configurations in a single container, and additional containers can be integrated quickly as needed.  They come with options for multiple carrier fiber connectivity, appropriate data center infrastructure including fully redundant power/cooling and environmental insulation and security, and are available in deploy-ready shipping containers of 20, 40, or 53 feet in length to meet the demand of rapidly growing IT infrastructure needs.

Dialectic Networks is poised to tap into this growing need for clustered, cloud computing in a virtual environment.  Combined with the emerging demand for portable data center solutions, the company will continue to expand by working with companies in a variety of industries that realize the significant benefits of hosting data, servers and other IT needs in a virtual environment.  From cruise ships and oil companies to governments around the world, Dialectic Networks will continue to work with today’s established companies, organizations and emerging businesses to ensure a reliable environment for the growing use of data in order to run a successful business operation.

Dialectic Networks – www.dialecticnet.com