Featured Startup Pitch: Aegora – A networked marketplace for entrepreneurs and professionals

By Editor March 15, 2016



Aegora lets you leverage your trust network to find high-quality freelance consultants and clients. Hire, get paid, manage projects, build your business, and earn your living online, easily, and safely. Like LinkedIn, but useful.


Aegora is a networked professional marketplace. You can build your network of trusted professional contacts, buy and sell services online, easily and smoothly. Bottom line – Aegora is about enabling business by bringing people together. Whether you’re an entrepreneur who needs to find trusted experts, or a professional who needs to find quality clients, Aegora is there for you.


Existing online freelance marketplaces are very difficult to use for clients and freelancers alike, due to service commoditization, a huge signal-to-noise-ratio problem, and the race-to-the-bottom for prices and quality. In contrast, Aegora uses natural social forces – the persistence of trust across our contact networks – to matchmake quality clients with quality consultants. Additionally, Aegora’s unique contract- and milestone-based project management system, in which clients fund milestones before consultants begin work and pay out only on successful completion, build trust into the project lifecycle and place everybody in the best position to succeed.


Rick Carlile has been working and hiring online since 2008, as an independent freelancer and then as GM of globally-distributed web agency Creadyne Developments, LLC. This experience led him to design an online business platform that would work much more like business in the offline world, as a network of trust relationships, and bring the efficiency and benefits of working and hiring online into the mainstream.

Dr. Niccolo Capanni was a university lecturer in artificial intelligence before joining Aegora.

HEADQUARTERS: Torrance, California

WEBSITE: aegora.com

FOUNDERS: Rick Carlile, Dr. Niccolo Capanni

INVESTORS: Bootstrapped


TWITTER: @Aegoradotcom

FACEBOOK: facebook.com/aegoradotcom

LINKEDIN: linkedin.com/company/aegora