Featured Startup Pitch: Amazemeet – On a mission to put an end to bad meetings

By Editor September 24, 2015

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COMPANY: Amazemeet


Life is too short for crappy meetings. Design thinking applied to meetings.


“We hate meetings!” This is the unanimous cry in thousands of organizations across the world. Amazemeet is a web application to help groups of three-to-15 people in large organizations to collaboratively design great meetings—which save time, money, and human potential, and reach great outcomes.

Our typical user is anyone who has to organize or attend meetings regularly. A recent study found that the average American office worker attends 11 meetings a day. So our market is huge. The cost of wasted meetings has been estimated at $37 billion/year in North America alone!

Our customers are those businesses who want to reduce that waste and—more importantly—consistently have great group conversations that move their business forward.


Trained organization facilitation professionals are the main competitor to Amazemeet because it is based on proven facilitation techniques.

The vast majority of other tools in this space are in the meeting platform (ex.: GoToMeeting, WebEx) or in the scheduling business (Outlook, Doodle). There are almost no tools aimed at helping people design the meetings they want to have collaboratively before, during and even after the event.

With the Meeting Improver feature, Amazemeet’s is the only product that seeks to change meeting behavior by providing contextual improvement tips—practical things that meeting organizers and participants can do to improve each meeting.


Mike Sutton, founder – Veteran developer with over 21 years working with some of the biggest companies in the world. Also an agile software process coach and management consultant with a single aim of helping enterprises be better for their employees and customers.

Ana Flasker, designer – Ana is a trained graphic and print designer with over seven years’ experience creating compelling visual assets for startups and SMEs.

Manuel J. Perez, developer – Manuel brings high-end craftsmanship skills to solve the core problems that people have with meetings. He is a passionate and pragmatic programmer.


Free and paid subscriptions starting from $49.99/month. Amazemeet logo

HEADQUARTERS: Granada, Spain

WEBSITE: amazemeet.com


TWITTER: @amazemeet

FACEBOOK: facebook.com/amazemeet