Featured Startup Pitch: Beamery – The all-in-one recruiting solution

By Editor April 1, 2016

COMPANY: Beamery


Beamery is an all-in-one Sourcing, CRM, Marketing Automation, and Branding platform for recruiting, all powered by machine intelligence.


Beamery gives companies total control over the way they source, engage and ultimately hire talent.

Companies can use a powerful Chrome Extension to source candidates they find on social networks. They can tag candidates and add them to specific pools or lists within the app and assign team members to contact them.

They can also create targeted landing pages to attract potential applicants and convert people before they apply with CTAs and forms. They then nurture their interest with drip marketing campaigns, triggered messages and followups sent to candidates based on their behaviour (e.g. clicked on link in email, didn’t reply, changed status).

Companies can set up these ‘triggers’ in advance and write the automatic emails in advance. Any candidate that then matches the criteria will be sent the right message automatically. This gives recruiting teams the same power as marketers do to scale beyond their means and engage candidates far more effectively.

Beamery helps you make these interactions personal by enriching candidate profiles with data from over 120+ social networks. We have a sophisticated mail merge system that allows companies to include any social or CRM data point in their messages to make sure that candidates receive a highly customised experience.

Beamery also connects to your website, email, calendar and other recruitment tools to unify all your data and show you the candidate journey from first touchpoint to hire.

Companies can also survey their candidates to see how happy they are with the application process and how likely they would be to recommend the company to their friends. This data is all represented on a simple dashboard, and companies can use it to chart their Talent Promoter Score over time and spot brand promoters.

Where does the machine intelligence come in? Well, Beamery scans your database for interested candidates that you’re missing and suggests the best time to reach out to them. We also tap into your network to show your ‘Closest Connection’ to each candidate to help you get warm introductions.

The majority of other recruiting tools are focused around filtering applications. Companies have to wait for people to come to them, as opposed to going out and finding the right candidates for their business and engaging them.

Candidate data tends to be spread over disconnected tools and companies are unable to engage candidates properly. Beamery is a simple way to bring all of your tools together, save time and start hiring game-changing talent.


Beamery was founded in 2014 by Abakar Saidov, Sultan Saidov (brothers) and Mike Paterson. It began as a garage project that they started while working at large American banks, but has since blossomed into a significant operation.

The team are headquartered in London and have not declared any investment to date.


WEBSITE: beamery.com



FACEBOOK: facebook.com/beameryhq

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