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COMPANY: Decibel Insight


Innovative web analytics that shows real visitor behavior.


Decibel Insight is an award-winning set of advanced behavioral analytics tools that plugs the gap between traditional web analytics and website optimization. Born out of an idea to help clients investigate the ‘why’ behind their site performance, it is now trusted by organizations in more than 50 countries across all sectors.

Through the use of innovative and easy-to-understand visualizations, Decibel Insight enables organizations of all sizes to understand the real human behavior behind their web analytics data and make meaningful improvements to optimize customer experience.


Decibel Insight is enterprise class customer experience analytics that competes with IBM Tealeaf and Clicktale. There are key points of difference between our tool and these competitors that set us apart.

Decibel Insight is incredibly simple and convenient to set up. It requires a single snippet of JavaScript installed in a website’s header to implement, and can even be deployed via Tag Management tools.

Decibel Insight has been designed for the modern web, requiring no extra configuration to handle mobile sites, responsive layouts, dynamic elements, or personalized content. Customer feedback regularly indicates that our software handles these challenges effortlessly.

Our robust infrastructure—dedicated servers for enterprise clients, proven security, and high-quality account management—makes us the perfect choice of customer experience analytics for large businesses and their business-critical websites.

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Free trial; full subscription priced according to website traffic.


Decibel Insight was founded by Ben Harris, CEO, and Timothy de Paris, CTO.

Ben and Timothy have worked together for a number of years, previously managing a successful web design and build agency (Decibel Digital, formerly New Brand Vision) and software development house (Decibel Technology).
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WEBSITE: decibelinsight.com


TWITTER: @Decibelinsight

LINKEDIN: linkedin.com/company/decibel-insight


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