Featured Startup Pitch: engajer’s CRM platform is built on the idea of ‘cloning your best sales rep’ by utilizing interactive video modules

By Editor May 9, 2013
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Engager logoCompany: engajer

Website: www.engajer.com

Headquarters: Mountain View

Year Launched: 2012

Founders: Michael Castellano, CEO, and Daniel Hoffer

Employees: 12

Investors: Seed-funded

Facebook: facebook.com/engajer

Twitter: twitter.com/engajer

Pinterest: pinterest.com/engajer

Brief Company Description: engajer is a Cloud-based sales and communication platform that uses interactive video modules and proprietary analytics to drive and track customer engagement.

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Michael Castellano, engajerBy Michael Castellano, co-founder and CEO


The best sales people are able to recognize prospective customers’ needs and tailor the pitch to address the prospect’s unique pain points. With engajer, customers drive the conversation online, choosing short video modules to view only the products and services that interest them. engajer’s powerful analytics generate insights about every viewer and automate actions based on customer interaction to maximize revenue. engajer’s ranking system qualifies sales leads and delivers real-time notifications to sales reps, fielding customers’ most common inquiries in order to free up sales teams to focus on closing the leads that have the highest potential to purchase. engajer integrates with leading CRM software solutions, and the interactive video platform can be embedded in websites or linked from banner ads. The cloud-based engajer platform is accessible via all mobile devices.

Founders’ Story

I got the idea for engajer while running a video production company. I was working with a client to produce a video to convey the client company’s value proposition. This is always a struggle because there is so much information to cover, and yet it’s important to balance the need to be thorough with time constraints since customer attention spans are limited. For many businesses, there are also different types (segments) of customers, some of whom are interested in one set of products or services while others may be interested in another.

It occurred to me that if we could produce short, interactive video segments addressing different topics, and allow customers to choose to view only the modules they’re interested in, it would be a great way to engage customers with what interests them most while ensuring that all relevant information for a variety of audiences was always available. This idea of ‘cloning your best sales rep’ by providing an automated platform for interactive communication was the seed for engajer.

How engajer Is Different

engajer is unique because it empowers the customer. These days, attention spans are shorter than ever, and people don’t want to sit through a lengthy one-size-fits-all sales video to find the nuggets of information that are relevant to them. With engajer, they don’t have to: Customers can ‘choose their own adventure’ by selecting short, interactive video modules (30 seconds or less) that address only the content they want to see. Meanwhile, the engajer platform tracks at a granular as well as at a macro level which topics interest customers most and where customers are spending their time.

Business Model

engajer offers a ‘freemium’ pricing model that enables customers to get started for free using the ‘build your own engajer’ platform to deliver videos that the customer has already created. engajer can also scale up and provide additional analytics, support, and functionality as customers require, for an additional monthly fee.

engajer also offers package pricing for customers who prefer to work with our partners to produce professional video modules. In addition, engajer helps ecommerce customers to drive new business, taking a small percentage of the transactions as payment for our service.

Marketing/Promotion Strategy

engajer has experienced rapid growth by displaying thought leadership in the industry, receiving major recognition like the recent 2013 Founder Showcase People’s Choice Award in Silicon Valley. engajer ‘eats its own dog food,’ closing virtually all of its own sales via the ‘engajer about engajer’ hosted on engajer.com. Since engajer adds significant value to its customers, the company also receives referral and word-of-mouth business. Lastly, the engajer team raises brand awareness via social media, outreach and tradeshow events.

engajer – www.engajer.com