Featured Startup Pitch: Cairo-based mobile apps startup F16Apps is focused on helping users become more productive with social media

By Editor January 9, 2013

F16Apps logoCompany: F16Apps

Website: www.neatly.me

Founder: Ahmed Essam Naiem

Headquarters: Maadi, Cairo, Egypt

Year Founded: 2011

Twitter: @neatlyapp

Facebook: facebook.com/neatlyapps

Brief Company Description: F16Apps is a mobile applications development company focused on the intersection of social media and productivity.


Ahmed Essam Naiemz, F16AppsBy Ahmed Essam Naiem, founder

Product Overview

Neatly is F16Apps’ flagship product. Neatly is a smart Twitter client for smartphones. Neatly has an advantageous features bucket that helps the user to increase his/her social productivity with less effort and high accuracy. Neatly brings important information closer to you, it’s all about getting the social updates on Twitter based on your social preferences. Neatly’s engine acts in a smarter way to automatically weed out the irrelevant content and get only that which is important to the user. Neatly facilitates the use of the social networking application by also grouping the tweets into a topics timeline and customizable timelines based on your preferences.

Neatly has the following features:

  • Smart timeline. This timeline shuffles user preferences and gets important items closer to the top of the feed.
  • Topics timeline. Neatly groups similar topics in context/content together in a single area to save a lot of time and to avoid noise and redundancy.
  • Super list. Twitter lists have proven to be important, so Neatly has added a smart/topics timeline to each of them.
  • Advanced profile. Neatly studies other peoples’ profiles and illustrates what you share in common, plus your spam/influence/etc. on the network.
  • Non-interrupting experience. Most of our error messages and inquiry happen in a manner that helps users to proceed on Twitter without any interruptions.
  • Advanced Mute. Users can mute certain followers/topics/sources. For example, a user can mute tweets coming from an app like Foursquare or a user can mute tweets.
  • Visual marker. Users can assign colors to followers, topics, and hashtags so they’ll be able to quickly spot the tweets that have been selected. They just add the word and set a color—it will be easily spotted when skimming the timeline.

Neatly is currently available for iPhone, Nokia S^3 and Nokia Asha.

F16Apps is a Cairo-based startup. We are trying to help people be more productive by minimizing the effort on their side. We are working on business models for our apps Lovote and OnWall.

[On the backend] we have two engines which are C-Through and AcPin. C-Through is being used in Neatly, AcPin is used in Lovote and OnWall. We mix AcPin and C-Through to generate location business preferences.

Founder’s Story

In early 2011, I was working for Sarmady as a mobile application development team leader. That year I attended Cairo Startup Weekend, which influenced me to quit my job and found a company that develops mobile apps. After about a month, our first team split up and I met Ramez Mohamed, CEO of Flat6Labs. They provided me with the support to launch F16Apps in the local and global market.

We officially started F16Apps in late 2011 and launched our first app, Neatly, in December 2012.

Marketing/Promotion Strategy

Our marketing strategy is based on viral marketing and word-of-mouth campaigns. We are looking to reach people on social networking sites and show them how easy and beneficial our products are.

How We’re Different

We are trying to help users combat information overload on social media sites like Twitter. While most Twitter programs simply organize tweets by time, Neatly advances the concept by allowing users to filter tweets through a variety of preferences and topics.

Business Model

Neatly is available for purchase in the Apple Store, Nokia Store and Blackberry 10 App World for $2.99 and soon will be on the Google Play store.

Current Needs

We are looking to completing our phase-one development and always looking to hear from interested and motivated investors.

F16Apps/Neatly – www.neatly.me