Featured Startup Pitch: Fantasy Buzzer wants to help fantasy sports team managers win their leagues with proactive updates and decision-making tools

By Editor September 19, 2012
Fantasy Buzzer logo

Fantasy Buzzer logo

Company: Fantasy Buzzer

Website: www.fantasybuzzer.com

Founders: Pritesh Damani and Simon Pettibone

Headquarters: New York City

Year Founded: May 2012

Investors: Private

Twitter: @FantasyBuzzer

Brief Company Description: For fantasy sports lovers: receive email and text notifications, alerts on player injuries and open roster spots and player specific news.


Pritesh Damani, Fantasy BuzzerBy Pritesh Damani, co-founder

Product Overview

Fantasy Buzzer is the first service to simplify fantasy team management by sending customized alerts, providing authoritative recommendations, and delivering highly relevant news catered to team managers. This is a perfect service for fantasy sports novices, as well as diehard enthusiasts. Fantasy Buzzer helps fellow fantasy sports buffs manage their teams and make opportune decisions through:

  • ALERTS: Fantasy Buzzer sends instant email and text alerts for injuries and lineup issues to prevent users from making mistakes on game-day.
  • RECOMMENDATIONS: Users receive actionable team management recommendations to help them have the best potential lineup.
  • NEWS: Fantasy Buzzer creates original content and aggregates news from multiple sources and delivers it to each user tailored specifically to their fantasy team and league.

This service is great for the 32 million users that play fantasy sports. Keeping track of your team or teams can be an overwhelming task, especially for beginners of even the experts who are juggling multiple teams. We’ve developed a way to help boost overall records for any fantasy sports lover.

Founders’ Story

I am one of the co-founders of Fantasy Buzzer, a New York City based company focused on helping any fantasy sports fan up their game by offering never before curated news, specific alerts and notifications on their teams. Last fantasy season, I found it awful that I forgot to start a player on my team and lost that same week, hurting my chances for a good overall record. Being a techie, I went online to see if there were any tools that could have helped me manage my team. I quickly realized there were none that were good enough and saw I had an opportunity. I convinced my long time techie buddy Simon Pettibone to come onboard. Together we participated in the Techcrunch NYC Hakathon and won the AT&T prize. With this boost of confidence, we decided to go full steam with the implementation and creation of this service.

I previously founded Winito Inc. which provides individuals, teams and league managers the ability to organize, communicate, track statistics and monitor competition. I assisted the company with the hiring and integration of two programming teams in the United States and India. In the last two years, Winito grew into a mature company with thousands of athletic programs as customers across the country.

Marketing/Promotion Strategy

Fantasy Buzzer aims to be the number one all-inclusive fantasy sports service for any team manager looking to up his or her overall record. Ultimately, we want to help people make decisions for their individual teams and eventually offer personalized recommendations. Right now, Fantasy Buzzer is a feature company but has goals of becoming a strong product company. In a few years we see our company helping novice players WIN their leagues!

The target of our initial marketing campaign was to reach out to any fantasy sports, specifically football based on the time of year, and team managers that wanted to up their game. We aimed to reach out to the players who don’t have daily Internet access. We feel the app for Fantasy Buzzer is something that will help them the most. Being able to be updated through text messages offers anyone anywhere with a cell phone a new way to stay informed during fantasy season.

Our promotional strategy is simple right now. We are based on a referral model and word of mouth. We hope our users will express to their friends, league players, colleagues, etc. that this is the service and app you need to have a winning team. We also offer a free account to any user that invites seven other users to the system.

How Fantasy Buzzer Stands Out From The Crowd

We are the only company that aggregates all major fantasy leagues in one place. One of the best aspects of Fantasy Buzzer is that users don’t have to sync their own teams. We do it for them. We have a product that encompasses all aspects of fantasy sports by offering alerts on player updates such as injury reports and lineup issues, sending recommendations to help ensure the best potential lineup and offering original content and aggregated news from multiple sources tailored specifically to a user’s fantasy team and league.

Business Model

We have a two-fold revenue model. First we offer users a free account. The app and service is free to download and use. The alerts or ‘buzzers’ are sent to users by text and email. After a user has reached eight buzzers, which normally lasts about three weeks, he or she is asked to pay $2.00 to continue receiving buzzers. The second revenue model is based on advertising. Advertisers can advertise on our network as well as through our email campaigns. They will be able to reach out to specific sports fans (e.g.: baseball season advertisers will be able to reach out to baseball fans during the season). This will offer many chances for advertisers to reach different audiences.

Current Needs

Our needs are simple! We are always looking for fantasy sports savvy, talented people, shoot us an email and we will find a role for you.

Fantasy Buzzer – www.fantasybuzzer.com