Featured Startup Pitch: Fittery – Helping men find a good fit from top clothing brands

By Editor September 28, 2015


COMPANY: Fittery


Kayak.com to help guys find perfectly-fitting clothing from the best brands.


Shopping for clothes online is really hard, mostly because it’s really hard to understand how well clothes will fit you before you get them. As any shopper knows, a Medium in one brand can fit very differently than a Medium in another brand, given there’s no consistency among sizes. Almost 40 percent of the time, shoppers have to return the items they buy online, principally because they don’t fit like they want. This creates a nearly $18 billion opportunity in lost sales for brands.

Fittery solves this problem by matching a shopper’s shape and size to clothes before you get them. After taking five minutes to set up a profile and share some information about their body and style preferences, we use our proprietary technology to match you to perfectly-fitting clothes from the best brands, including J.Crew, Express, Club Monaco, Lands’ End, Bonobos, and more. Once shoppers find clothes that match their fit, style, and budget, they can buy directly from the retailer.

Fittery takes the pain and hassle out of online shopping while helping guys find items and brands that will make them look their best. It’s a smarter way to shop…why would you shop any other way?



There are several online clothing marketplaces that attempt to aggregate lots of items in one spot. They don’t, however, take a shopper’s personal style preferences into account. They also don’t give any guidance as to how clothes will fit, ultimately leaving shoppers disappointed when they order clothes that don’t fit well.

There are other companies that offer fit technology, but those companies typically act as size advisors, helping shoppers pick the best size for them in certain garments. However, this doesn’t solve the most critical need: Comparing items by fit. The ‘best’ size in one garment still may not fit well, it’s just the best of a set of mediocre options.

Fittery’s shopping marketplace combines the best of both worlds in a way no one else does today, allowing shoppers to compare all the factors that are important to them—style, fit, price, and shipping—and make the best decision for them, while also driving new revenue for retailers. It’s completely unique in the market today.


Fittery was founded by ecommerce experts Catherine Iger and Greg Vilines, who have a combined 27 years of experience in ecommerce. They met while working at AutoTrader.com, where their knowledge of building third-party marketplaces was cemented.

At AutoTrader, Catherine led the team responsible for the consumer experience across all channels. Throughout her tenure at AutoTrader.com, she led the evolution of experiences that connect vehicle buyers and sellers. Catherine has 15 years’ experience building award-winning digital strategies and experiences for major brands, including UPS, The Home Depot, Coca-Cola, Turner, BellSouth, InterContinental Hotels Group, and the International Olympic Committee. She was recently honored with the 2014 Women in Remarketing Award.

Prior to founding Fittery, Greg led the successful March, 2014 relaunch of AutoTrader.com’s ~$1 billion automotive marketplace, creating an evolved shopping experience for shoppers and creating new value for advertisers. Before that, Greg helped launch the rebranded AutoTraderClassics.com, building a sustainable marketplace for enthusiast shoppers to find and sell their dream cars. Before his work with AutoTrader, he was a member of The Home Depot’s ecommerce team, helping relaunch the core shopping experience and driving revenue through new engaging experiences. This experience helped shape his love of ecommerce and building user experiences that delight shoppers, all while building his foundation of ecommerce expertise.



WEBSITE: fittery.com

FOUNDERS: Catherine Iger, Greg Vilines

INVESTORS: Private Seed funding


TWITTER: @fitteryco

FACEBOOK: facebook.com/fitteryco

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