Featured Startup Pitch: Giraffic—video-on-demand acceleration in the cloud

By Editor July 13, 2011

Giraffic logo 

Company: Giraffic

Website: www.giraffic.com

Founder: Yoel Zanger, CEO

Headquarters: Tel Aviv

Year Founded: 2008

Employees: 7

Company Description (in 140 characters or less): “Fully-distributed VOD acceleration and delivery cloud.”

Yoel Zanger, GirafficBy Yoel Zanger, CEO

Product Overview

We offer the Giraffic Fully Distributed Video Acceleration Cloud, which has been adopted by more than 500,000 users across the world in less than 3 months, with over 10,000 new users joining daily, accelerating and offloading 70-80 percent of customers’ video traffic.

Our technology has proven its ability to save online video distributors over 50 percent of their bandwidth costs, delivering video content with a smooth playback and virtually eliminating the annoying re-buffering pauses.

We developed our Giraffic video streaming and distribution technology that guarantees high availability and smooth viewing experience for all variations of content consumption—niche, “long-tail” content (the audience consumes a more diverse set of content), as well as highly popular blockbusters.

Giraffic’s Video Acceleration Cloud, based on a unique low level data encoding technology, is an extremely efficient cloud storage technology, as well as an asynchronous and robust streaming protocol. It is based on the fully distributed cloud architecture, where content is delivered from multiple cloud peers (other network members) simultaneously. The Giraffic Video Accelerator application can be downloaded for free at select customer sites or at http://giraffic.com/index.aspx?banner=4.

Founder’s Story

I headed sales and business development in 2001 for one of the first companies in the world to develop video-on-demand services over broadband Internet and IPTV. I was exposed to the enormous potential of video delivery on the Internet. In 2008 I co-founded Giraffic together with my partner, physics and mathematics algorithm expert Dr. Gil Gat.

Having been a former executive at Phonetic Systems, a startup which was acquired by Nuance Communications in 2005, I joined forces with Dr. Gat who has gained his unmatched expertise in encoding, streaming protocols and storage algorithms working for numerous high-tech companies and academia.

Our vision is to enable the video everywhere boom by lifting the bandwidth congestion barriers and cost constraints for high definition (HD) smooth video delivery. We have also identified the opportunity to utilize our customer install base in the future in order to increase revenues for our customers by generating new reach and monetization opportunities for their video content.

Business Model

Our company is focusing on VOD streaming content
(as opposed to live or downloadable content), having the highest consumption and growth volumes in the Internet.

Giraffic’s business model is based on a premium performance acceleration fee, as well as splitting customers’ cost savings, insuring a mutual interest with the client. Giraffic will also offer its customers new monetization opportunities based on its global end-user footprint and share this revenue with the customers.

Giraffic offers solutions for three market segments:

Media Companies and Content Distributors

Giraffic’s strong VOD capabilities enables it to also support other types of media—such as games, software updates or other data transfer. Giraffic’s solution can be bundled with customers’ existing software such as video players, premium content offerings, toolbars and gaming platforms.

Social Networks and Video Sharing Sites

Even though most of such customers’ content is of extreme “long-tail” nature, even the initial views can be delivered exclusively from the Giraffic fully distributed cloud, with very little dependency on the content origin servers or CDN, regardless of how popular or “long-tail” they are, and regardless of the geographical location of the user.

OTT (Over the Top) TV Operators (IPTV & Satellite) and Device Manufacturers

Giraffic’s solution is compatible with set-top-boxes, connected digital video recorders and other media devices so it can stream content from other devices in the network and help OTT operators overcome Internet congestion and reduce bandwidth costs.

Our customers include leading online video and music publishers such as Craze Digital (www.OnlineMoviesBox.com) which owns over 5,000 full-length features with over two million views daily, AudioTube music, as well as several leading broadcasters who cannot be disclosed at the present time.

Current Needs

Giraffic is currently in the process of closing a new round of capital which will be used in order to grow its engineering and sales resources.

Giraffic – www.giraffic.com