Featured Startup Pitch: hide.me – Speedy VPN for real security

By Editor November 30, 2015

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hide.me VPN provides anonymity and security for the online age, with the fastest connection protecting user privacy, and enabling information access and sharing.


hide.me is a VPN service enabling user privacy for their online behaviors, with one of the fastest connections available in the market.

A VPN is a virtual private network that creates an encrypted tunnel to protected VPN servers. Once established, users can surf the Internet anonymously without revealing their identity. The product allows users to bypass surveillance and censorship and maintain their privacy. With this, users are no longer vulnerable to hackers, cyber thieves, and even government surveillance techniques.

The service is compatible with all devices and operating systems, including Windows, Android, iOS, OS X, Linux, PlayStation, Xbox, and routers. 


There are many differentiating factors, but the most prominent ones are the speed and complete anonymity. Speed is provided through hide.me’s own server network. These dedicated machines operate much faster than the typical virtual machines used by competitors. hide.me also offers a broad range of protocols, allowing for better digital connections for different environments; for example on mobile, where the Internet connection is not always as consistent.

VPNs are designed to enable anonymity, but the reality is that many of these businesses operate in countries where they are forced to store user logs. hide.me does not have this problem. They operate from Malaysia where governing laws do not dictate this.


The founders are Internet security enthusiasts who started a VPN service with the simple vision to provide free internet security, which should be as a basic right.

The cats.do founders believed the existing alternatives to be poorly built, and in many cases took advantage of the user’s lack of awareness of VPNs and Internet security. With this in mind, they built a high-quality service, with a lifetime free model.

They openly admit they are not the first company to come up with a VPN service. However, the technical expertise of the founders means they are one of the first to provide such fast connections, with 100 percent anonymity, available to anyone. 

Today they are the third largest VPN provider globally, with over three million users.


Free plan: 2GB/month data transfer limit. Plus: 75GB data transfer $5.42/month. Premium: Unlimited data $11.62/month, also allows for five simultaneous connections and 28 different locations, with full protocol support.

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WEBSITE: hide.me


TWITTER: @thevpncompany

FACEBOOK: facebook.com/www.hide.me