Featured Startup Pitch: MediaRoost—social media management for the enterprise

By Editor June 29, 2011

Media Roost logo

Company: MediaRoost
Website: www.mediaroost.com
Headquarters: Metuchen, New Jersey
Founders: Mark Krieger and Fred Pack
Year Founded: 2011
Investors: Self-funded
Employees: 3
Company Description (in 140 characters or less): "MediaRoost’s Twitter Management Tool, TweetRoost, helps groups and individuals monitor & manage tweets, bringing order to the chaos."


Mark Krieger, MediaRoostBy Mark Krieger, co-founder and president

Product Overview:

Designed for departments within large or small organizations (sales, marketing or customer service), and agencies (marketing, advertising and public relations) that manage one or more Twitter profiles, TweetRoost provides a central platform to manage, assign, tag, search and archive Twitter conversations. Automatic brand-monitoring is provided.

Unlike other Twitter management solutions, TweetRoost includes a powerful saving capability that enables users to permanently archive all incoming and outgoing Twitter streams. Users and groups can internally tag, comment and discuss via threaded conversations all Twitter interactions and utilize auto-assignment, routing and approval functionality to support social media processes and workflow. 

Founders’ Story:

The founders of MediaRoost, Fred Pack and I, have over 40 years of experience in the technology industry. We met 35 years ago and launched our first company together in the late 1970’s, providing commercial programming for PCs. In 1982, we sold the business and in 1983 we founded UniPress Software, the maker of FootPrints service desk solutions. FootPrints was one of the first Web-based help desk and customer support tools targeting mid-market enterprises. In 2006 we sold UniPress Software to Numara Software and nearly five years later launched TweetRoost.

Marketing/Promotion Strategy:

Having previously worked with Springboard Public Relations, MediaRoost chose Springboard as the agency of choice to assist with product development and media relations. MediaRoost has been featured in a number of publications, including placement in InformationWeek and OneForty. The company is also utilizing its blog and social media to promote its thought-leadership.

The TweetRoost Difference:

TweetRoost offers businesses the ability to manage their social media accounts, monitor their brands, coordinate with coworkers and do so through a streamlined dashboard. Because social media management in an organization is often handled by more than one person, TweetRoost provides various capabilities such as assignments, tagging, scheduling, threaded conversation, commenting and permissions that allow teams to effectively communicate across the board. The application also offers keyword monitoring and analytics to continuously track a brand’s online presence and track the success of social media campaigns. Most importantly, TweetRoost can automatically run saved searches which can be used to track a brand over time. By recording what has been said in the past and what is currently being said, companies are provided with the ability to spot trends and mark valuable insights about their brands. TweetRoost creates a simplified workflow to save time, keep teams organized and execute social media in the most efficient way possible, all while providing the full functionality of the social sites.

Business Model:

TweetRoost offers integrations with third-party CRM, service desk and project management tools such as Salesforce.com, ZenDesk and BaseCamp. MediaRoost offers a free 45-day fully-functioning multi-user trial version of TweetRoost. After 45 days, users who do not purchase can keep a permanent single-user version without some of the advanced features. The permanent full-function version costs $15 per user per month.

MediaRoost – www.mediaroost.com