Featured Startup Pitch: Mobilize – Better communication with external groups and networks

By Editor February 9, 2016

COMPANY: Mobilize


Mobilize is a relationship management solution for independent groups, or global enterprise networks. Organize and communicate with your groups all in one place – it’s powerful and easy to use!

Group managers at leading companies are #mobilizing their groups of partners or members, including Microsoft, Google, Prezi, Etsy, Seedcamp, Vinted and more.


Get a database of everyone in your group with all their data, along with a rich communication system of email + SMS + events + files + polls + analytics, all synced in one place.

Create unlimited database fields with text, location, dates, files, links and more. You can import your spreadsheet, paste a list of emails, edit individual profile data, or even sync data via our API. You can also publish an external form for new members or applicants to fill out, and their data will flow right into their profile.

On the communication side, you can filter through your member data to ensure each communication is targeted to the right group. Track their votes on a poll, replies, link clicks, file downloads, RSVPs, or views. Expect high engagement rates, because members don’t have to log into anything. They can receive and reply to your messages via their regular email, SMS or calendar.


Businesses have transformed how they create products, provide services, distribute solutions, and scale globally. In the wave of the new economy, network relationships matter. From marketplaces and their sellers, to on-demand platforms and their workforce, tech companies and their API developers, brands and their ambassadors, coworking spaces and their tenants, corporations and their resellers and franchisees – partners have become business critical contributors with ever growing influence.

But partners don’t want to be managed like employees, nor be marketed to like customers. They want to build meaningful relationships and be treated as partners. Yet businesses still rely on the same management and communication playbook (and software) they have used for more than a decade, as if those partners were customers or employees.

This mismatch between critical partner contributions and communication tactics led us to create the vision for Mobilization, and to develop Mobilize’s Network Relationship Management solution to enable it. It’s the philosophy and the platform combined.

The mobilization experience is the art of managing but not controlling, of communicating but not broadcasting, of sparking collaboration while building relationships.


Sharon Savariego is the CEO and co-founder of Mobilize. Her mission is to help businesses adapt to the recent changes in the economy by providing companies a new way to manage this delicate relationship with their partners and contractors networks.

What led Sharon to this new space is actually a real life passion for politics and human rights. For many years Sharon was a global public speaker and activist for Human Rights, led global initiatives and UN delegations and learned how to organize and mobilize large groups of activists and volunteers. Another passion she has is actually for technology and business, that led her to join one of the first on-demand companies, and to learn from within the challenge of managing an on-demand workforce of over 100,000 people.

The similarity between managing large networks of volunteers and managing an on-demand workforce led her to build Mobilize with a real belief that the change in economy is inevitable and that companies must learn to manage the delicate relationship with their workforces in the same way non-profits trust and communicate with their volunteers.

Mobilize, the SaaS startup she founded a year ago, is prevailing as a category leader and is already serving brand name clients like Google and Microsoft, as well as startups. She is carving a new category of software that is designed specifically for networked companies to communicate in ways that mobilize their partners into action that is critical for the success of the business.


FOUNDERS: Sharon Savariego, Arthur Vainer


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