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By Editor March 31, 2011

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Company: Move That Block

Website: www.movethatblock.com

Headquarters: Albany, NY

Year Founded: September, 2010

Founders: Todd Drowlette and Patrick Gray

Investors: Privately-Funded

Employees: 30


MoveThatBlock_foundersBy Todd Drowlette and Pat Gray, Co-Founders

Product Overview

MoveThatBlock.com is an innovative, cutting-edge website that offers professional quality, one-stop shopping for jobs, dating, commercial real estate, residential real estate, apartments & home rentals, vacation rentals only before found on pay-to-post sites. We offer more features, better functionality, and dynamic cross traffic that no single pay-for-use competitor offers. Our custom features are easy to use and allow simple searching and posting in an uncluttered environment. MoveThatBlock.com is the world’s first premium quality site to offer full access free of charge across multiple categories in the Essential Life segment of the Internet. We also offer personal, step by step guidance through life’s most difficult decisions, providing local experts in each step of the process. From buying a home to landing that dream job or date, we’ve got you covered. You never have to go it alone. Welcome to the Block.

Revenue Model

MoveThatBlock.com is completely free to search and post with no restricted areas or premium memberships. Our revenue is generated by featured, targeted advertising based on category, geographic, or other determining factors. We have the ability to offer targeted, industry specific advertising that is not widely available on the Internet today.

Founder’s Story

Patrick Gray and Todd Drowlette began their friendship as roommates at Siena College just miles from New York’s capital in Loudonville, New York. Both raised in small upstate towns, Todd began his career in commercial real estate, while Patrick Gray began working for an Albany based Tech start up. Todd’s boutique real estate firm represents some of the country’s premiere retailers and landlords. It was from this business that a need for a more cost-effective way of marketing and finding properties became evident. This sparked the idea sparked for a premium quality, 100 percent free to post and search site. By adding multiple categories, it allowed all users to benefit from dynamic cross traffic that niche only sites do not provide. Todd approached Pat about the technology side of the business. They brought in others and MoveThatBlock.com launched a year later in September of 2010.

Business Model

Our goal is to simplify personal and professional lives, because we realize they are interconnected and often pull people in every direction at once.

Movethatblock.com provides one stop shopping for everything your busy life demands. We believe in only delivering fresh, accurate, reliable, and relevant content instantly in a free to post and search with no restricted areas format. From jobs and internships to dating to homes or commercial office space, we strive to do a little more so that our users can do a little less. We aspire to be the world’s most technologically advanced classifieds site on the Internet. We match users to relevant advertisers by providing users with professionals to help them with life’s biggest decisions, while providing professionals a cost-effective approach for targeted lead generation.

Current Needs

MoveThatBlock.com’s traffic has been increasing steadily day over day. Our goal is to spread the word to as many people as possible as quickly as possible.

MoveThatBlock.com is the world’s first premium quality, 100 percent free to post and search site on the Internet with no restricted areas and no premium memberships. MoveThatBlock.com is a superior classifieds website that is free both for people who want to list and for those who want to browse through all of MoveThatBlock.com’s listings. MoveThatBlock.com is there for life’s biggest decisions. Welcome to the block.

Move That Block LLC – www.movethatblock.com