Featured Startup Pitch: New Delhi-based iimjobs has quickly grown into a player in HR by focusing on MBAs seeking employment in India

By Editor January 24, 2013
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iimjobs logoCompany: iimjobs.com

Website: www.iimjobs.com

Founder: Tarun Matta

Headquarters: New Delhi, India

Year Founded: 2008

Investors: One97 Communications, India Venture Partners, Pallav Nadhani, Abhishek Rungta, Anand Lunia, Shailesh Vickram Singh, Sachin Garg

Employees: 12

Twitter: @iimjobs

Facebook: facebook.com/iimjobs

Brief Company Description: iimjobs.com is the largest niche job board in India, catering exclusively to the recruitment needs of mid-senior management positions.

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Tarun Matta, iimjobsBy Tarun Matta, founder

Product Overview

Founded in 2008, iimjobs.com has grown to become the largest niche job board in India for mid to senior management positions and is targeted towards graduates from premier business schools. We reach out to over 10,000 recruiters and 200,000 jobseekers while featuring some of the best jobs in sectors like Banking & Finance, Consulting, Research & Analytics, Sales & Marketing, HR, IT and Operations.

Every year, over 10,000 students graduate from premier business schools in India and this number is growing year-on-year. However, once they attain a certain amount of work experience in the industry and move higher up the corporate ladder, it becomes increasingly difficult to find the right job in the right industry and in the right time. This is where we come in to plug this gap and thanks to our innovative services and high-quality job postings, jobseekers have identified us as the prime choice for their recruitment needs.

Founder’s Story

I’ve completed my MBA from IIM, Indore, and frankly, had never thought about starting a company of my own. Before I started iimjobs.com in 2008, I had absolutely no experience either in the recruitment or the Internet space.

The vision of starting iimjobs.com only arose because back then, I as a jobseeker, did not find the traditional recruitment sites effective in helping me or my peers find the right job opportunities. Whatever little, high quality job opportunities were being advertised, they were being done so via unstructured channels such as mailing lists, Alumni cells, etc.

So I initially started iimjobs.com as a blog to aggregate jobs that I found interesting enough for my network and friends. People liked the concept, told their network about it and the site began to gain some amazing traction over a period of time. That’s how we’ve grown and we’re now the largest player in our segment!

Marketing/Promotion Strategy

We’ve never really marketed our services or done any promotions around it simply because we never felt the need to. Our site grew because of word of mouth advertising and the power of recommendation far eclipses any other form of marketing.

The reason this happened was because our belief was simple—focus on building a great product/service and our users will take care of marketing. And that’s exactly what happened!

Now, however, we do reach out to people via social media and leverage platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter for distribution and growth.

How Our Company Differentiates Itself from the Competition

We’re focused exclusively on the premium end of the recruitment space which is essentially providing amazing job opportunities to graduates from premium business schools within the mid-senior management hierarchy level.

No other traditional recruitment company has such a focused approach, nor do they have the high quality job opportunities that are advertised via our website. In terms of usage (number of candidates and jobs on our platform), we might be bigger than some of the powerhouses in this industry.

Our focus has always been to build an amazing product and that’s why we’re revolutionizing this industry in India through some amazing innovative offerings that are not present anywhere else—such as the ability to follow relevant job opportunities via tags.

Even though our primary market is in India, we’re seeing a tremendous increase in job applications from non-resident Indians living abroad and also for expat job opportunities.

Business Model

Our business model is simple—we’re a bridge between the recruiter and the candidate. All jobs on our website are free to post (although every job is moderated to adhere to our high standards) and we don’t charge any money from the candidate either.

We do offer recruiters the chance to advertise their jobs via premium postings that offer them much higher visibility as compared to free job listings. However, our main focus is on creating exceptional value for both jobseekers and recruiters because we firmly believe that’s how great brands are built.

Current Needs

We’re looking to enter into other segments within the online recruitment market and that’s why we’ve recently launched hirist.com—a niche job board for technology positions.

iimjobs – www.iimjobs.com