Featured Startup Pitch: Ridengine – Peer-to-peer motorbike and car sharing

By Editor August 12, 2015

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COMPANY: Ridengine


Peer-to-peer motorbike and car sharing marketplace in India.


Ridengine is India’s first online peer-to-peer bike and car sharing platform that allows users to rent self-drive vehicles directly from vehicle owners. Ridengine serves as a rental discovery platform helping small businesses and individual vehicle owners reach potential renters through an online marketplace.

Ridengine strives to bring transparency to the existing vehicle rental marketplace by allowing owners to retain full control over their vehicle rental—including availability and pricing. These features help potential renters get a curated list of self-drive vehicles within their proximity and price range. Rather than combing through Google searches and scattered online reviews, customers can decide the best available option at one place.

Ridengine simply is a smarter way to rent your next ride!


Competitors : Zoomcar, Wiked Ride, JustDrive.in

Aggregating motorbikes would be Ridengine’s edge, as the self-driving rental space has not seen many motorbikes while they are a prime attraction to tourists and enthusiasts—especially in tourist rich locations like Goa and Ladakh. The company starting with its home ground Hyderabad, quickly plans to expand into eight other major cities by the end of 2015 and expects to turn into a profitable venture within the next 20 months.


Free to list vehicle/rental price depends on vehicle type and rental duration.


Founders: Dinesh Rao, Harish Chandramowli, Narayan Gowraj
Johns Hopkins University Alumni

Ronald Reddy, Lead Developer
Previously CTO at AdmitSchool

Neelesh Kumar Ch, Head Operations
Previously Geo-Specialist at Google Maps, India

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HEADQUARTERS: Hyderabad, Telangana, India

WEBSITE: ridengine.com


TWITTER: @ridengine

FACEBOOK: facebook.com/pages/Ridengine/1635232743376998

LINKEDIN: linkedin.com/company/ridengine-inc