Featured Startup Pitch: WebiMax seeks to make SEO easy and effective for all

By Editor September 30, 2010

WebiMax logo 

Company: WebiMax

Website: www.webimax.com

Headquarters: Mount Laurel, NJ

Year Founded: 2008

Founder: Ken Wisnefski

Investors: Self-funded

Employees: 100+

Company Description:

By Ken Wisnefski, Founder/CEO

Ken Wisnefski, WebiMaxProduct Overview

In 2003 when I was building my first venture, VendorSeek.com, I sought a Search Engine Optimization firm that could help the site achieve higher natural search results to help lower our growing monthly Pay Per Click ad spend.  We were a small company and did not outsource anything at that point as we frankly could not afford it.  We spoke with several SEO firms and decided to take a leap of faith and work with a firm that “guaranteed” a dramatic improvement in our rankings.  Six months and over $50,000 later, the site did not rank even slightly better in natural search results and the company informed us that our monthly cost would have to increase in order to see results.  I then realized that I needed to learn how to get my website to rank well in order to effectively expand my business.  It was not an easy task but over the next five years our natural search results improved dramatically and we were able to fine tune our PPC spending down from nearly $200,000 a month to just under $50,000 a month.  When the call came from a large company to buy VendorSeek, I was reluctant but frankly the offer was too good to pass up.

I always envisioned helping other companies achieve the same sort of success through our online marketing initiatives and, based on my experience, believed there were few firms that could actually deliver desired results.  With that notion in mind, less than three months after the sale of VendorSeek, I launched WebiMax.  Our company has now grown to over 300 clients and is rated by TopSeos.com, an independent third party evaluator of SEO firms, as the #1 SEO firm in the United States (http://www.topseos.com/rankings-of-best-search-engine-optimization-companies).

We provide a full range of online marketing services including Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Management, Social Media, Reputation Management, E-Commerce and Website Development.

Founder’s Story

After selling VendorSeek.com, I realized that the knowledge I gained by developing its online presence was a very marketable commodity, particularly once I had former clients asking me to help them secure a better return from their online marketing.  I found myself getting 2-3 calls and emails a day from people who wanted me to help them grow their online business and I hadn’t even formed a new company yet!  I formed WebiMax and we immediately began to see a very quick growth rate.  I frequently tell my staff and my clients that I didn’t wake up one day and proclaim myself to be an “Online Marketing Expert”, it was a very long 7 years that have brought me to this point and a lot of trial and error that allowed me to realize what is really effective in getting the best results online. I treat each of our clients as if their site was our own and I take great pride in our ability to help companies realize success through our efforts.


WebiMax boasts a dedicated team of professionals.  Our management team is comprised of myself, the acting CEO, and the following individuals:

Todd Bailey, VP of Online Marketing, is a veteran in the online marketing space and manages our day–to-day operations for our Mt. Laurel, New Jersey, corporate offices.

Scott Witwer, VP of Technology, comes from CitiGroup and leads our technology-based initiatives from our Jacksonville, Florida, office.

Revenue Model

We provide fee-based services for our clients on a contract basis.  All of our work is done in-house as this enables us to provide the highest level of quality control.

Current Needs

WebiMax seeks to expand our operations globally and to set up a number of smaller offices throughout the country that will enable clients to personally visit one of our offices if they so desire.  As our growing list of clients includes international companies, we are seeking to build and staff offices in the UK, Australia, Canada and China over the next year.

Additionally, we are in the process of developing a proprietary piece of reporting software that will enable our clients to track their progress in a real-time scenario through detailed ranking reports and analytical overviews.


WebiMax is growing at a rapid pace.  We have added close to 70 new employees in the past six months and have plans to add another 100 in the first two quarters of 2011.  With our global expansion and reach in to localized markets, WebiMax will continue to brand itself as the leading online marketing firm worldwide.

WebiMax – Integrity, Experience, Results!

Webimax – www.webimax.com