First professional slot machine from casino floor debuts on Apple Watch

By Editor October 15, 2015

World-renowned game inventor Larry DeMar and Leading Edge Design (LEDGaming), the firm responsible for creating numerous hit casino games and placing them in casinos worldwide, has joined forces with rapidly growing Chicago game developer Purple Gator to design and bring the first real casino slot machine to Apple Watch. With a suite of proven casino games including Loki Wild-Tiles (a trademark of Case Venture Management) and Super 7’s slated for release on Apple Watch in 2015, the company’s initial offering, Double Luck Nudge, ( is perhaps the most aesthetically pleasing and best functioning Apple Watch app available today in the App Store.

The Double Luck Nudge app offers a real-world experience identical to the popular slot machines found in casinos around the world. Unlike other social casino games and slot machine apps, Double Luck Nudge uses the same sounds, visuals and math model, making the game the first of its kind to include haptics (applying touch sensations through user interaction) and sounds on the watch paired with music and sound effects on the phone. Most impressive is how the developers have built a sleek Apple Watch app that will never hiccup while loading or playing and will never display the spinning wheel of death that even the biggest brands have not escaped.

Industry veterans who follow the online, real-money gaming industry already legal in two states, are confident that online wagering is well on its way to becoming legal in the U.S.

“It’s not a question of if, but when,” said Steven DeMar, director of business development at LEDGaming. “This is our first step, and I couldn’t be more excited about our competitive advantage and imaginative team. Today we are releasing a brilliantly designed app that lets slot players bring the experience of the casino right to their wrists. One day our players will be winning real money while spinning slots on a flight or commuting on the train to work. You can bet on it.”

Available today in the App Store for $2.99, Double Luck Nudge is an “old school Vegas style” slot. The three-reel casino slot machine has a unique nudge feature that determines the direction of the reel once it has stopped, giving bars with an arrow a final nudge up or down.

LED’s core team members have been in the gaming business for more than 30 years, developing many of the most successful and recognizable pinball and video games in history (Black Knight, High Speed, Fun House, The Twilight Zone, Robotron: 2084, Stargate, Blaster, and The Addams Family). LED founder Larry DeMar, considered to be one of the best game designers in the world, is in the Pinball Hall of Fame and also co-created Defender, one of the highest grossing arcade games ever.

“We had a chance encounter with gaming industry legends at Techweek Chicago,” said Andrew Nadhir, CEO of Purple Gator. “The old wily veterans, on the prowl for new ways, dusted off their dinosaur and collaborated with the young, tech-savvy, future-driven millennials. It was a perfect match of old school knowledge meets new school technology. Together, we’ve produced the first gaming masterpiece for Apple Watch and together we are going to create the gold standard social casino for the Apple Watch!”

Purple Gator’s cutting-edge development savvy combined with LEDGaming’s incredible track record of success in the casino industry puts the team in position to become the leader in online gaming for Apple Watch and other wearables.