In case you missed it: Founders Factory UK acquired bits of Founders Factory US

By Oliver Griffin September 20, 2016

Earlier this week, Founders Factory UK – a corporate backed incubator and accelerator based in London – announced that it had acquired some of the assets of Columbus-based Founders Factory US.

Jim Meyerle, managing director and co-founder of Founders Factory, said, “Founders Factory US has helped enable an expanding ecosystem of technology business in the Columbus region with their investments in 27 companies over the prior four years.

“This is a tremendous accomplishment and it is through investments like these and support from high quality operators that regional technology centers emerge.”

Founders Factory US will now be included in the Founders Factory UK global mentor network of talented entrepreneurs.

Founders Factory UK will acquire both the brand and assets of Founders Factory US, which will maintain equity stakes in the 27 companies it has invested in over the past several years. The US team behind will also be visiting London with select startups in their portfolio.

Brooke Paul, founder and managing director, Founders Factory US, added, “With 95 percent of middle market income located outside the U.S., it is essential for high growth startups to think globally.

“Doing business internationally yields greater innovation, job growth and funding sources, and we look forward to participating in an expanded global technology ecosystem, giving a leg-up to Columbus based business.”

According to the Kauffman Foundation, Columbus is ranked the number one city for startups to go to scale, with more new businesses growing to employ 50 or more people in their first 10 years than any major metropolitan area in the United States.

Columbus is also the number four metro for overall startup growth, with a 51.86 percent average rate of growth within five years of founding. So, yay Columbus.


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