The future of car insurance

By Editor February 19, 2016

Shopping for car insurance still feels like a series of bad first dates. You have to research companies, make time to call multiple their agents, answer the same questions over and over. You might even have to play phone tag if you call after hours.

That’s why Insurify built Evia (expert virtual insurance agent). The patent-pending technology allows drivers to get car insurance quotes from multiple companies by texting a photo of their license plate. Evia eliminates the complexities of the insurance quoting process to find the best coverage and price. And that’s all done via text messaging.

Texting is quick and easy. We do it every day — multiple times throughout the day. According to Pew Research Center’s 2015 U.S. Smartphone Use Report, texting is the most frequently and widely used smartphone feature. 97% of all smartphone owners text. So, how about texting an insurance agent?

Unlike talking on the phone, the agent and customer don’t need to be available at the same time. For the customer, it’s a way to make well-thought-out confident decisions without the pressure to respond immediately like you have to on the phone.

Texting is always on. Drivers can get insurance quotes while at work, on the go, or spending time with family and friends. They don’t need to disrupt their day to find a good deal and get intelligent advice on the right coverage.

Texting is not just for teenagers. Insurify spent a year studying how people shop for car insurance and found out that most drivers prefer messaging or emailing an agent rather than talk on the phone for various reasons.

Texting is familiar. We are already used to texting our friends, making dinner plans and staying in touch. Insurify believes Evia will make a confusing process such as insurance quoting much more accessible. Texting is personal. Everybody’s message thread is unique, whereas a website always starts with the same interface and blank text box.

Evia’s text messaging interface is powered by a robust insurance quoting engine that helps connect customers to the best insurance companies for their profile. The advanced language processor helps understand the drivers and helps them make decisions about the insurance coverage.

Drivers don’t have to install apps on their smartphone or sign up on multiple sites. It’s the easiest form of engagement with lowest barrier of adoption.We are now witnessing a broad shift in software distribution towards the cloud: robust engines powering the intelligence on our mobile devices.
Last year saw the emergence of conversational commerce with the rise of Slack, Facebook Messenger and Magic. Chris Messina first coined the term conversational commerce which includes “chat, messaging or other language interfaces using artificial intelligence / bots” to interact with brands. Insurify is spearheading the “conversational insurance” space and changing the way people connect with car insurance companies and services.

There are 955.8 thousand insurance brokers, agents and service employees in the United States. Will Evia become smart enough to replace the insurance agent one day?