Lightning pitch: Introducing Goodwall, the networking site for teens

By Oliver Griffin September 15, 2016

Company: Goodwall – essentially a LinkedIn for people that are too young to have careers yet, this social platform is helping teens to show off their achievements.

Headquarters: Geneva, Switzerland

Founding team: Tawa and Omar Bawa

Why we like it: For most teenagers, lazing around watching TV or wreaking havoc with friends seems a whole lot more entertaining than setting out a prospective career plan. Goodwall is – at last – providing a more productive outlet.

Making opportunities equal for all is not an easy task, but new networking app Goodwall is giving it a go.

The global social network, which is basically a junior LinkedIn, encourages school kids aged around 14 to 19 years old to document their talents and achievements which could be read by universities, employers and ambassadors thus opening doors to scholarships, bursaries and a whole range of unexpected opportunities.

Goodwall gives students the necessary resources and exposure to help them reach their full potential but also creates a student community environment where they can exchange thoughts and ideas with each other.

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Deciding what college or university to go to can be a long and torturous experience, knowing others are suffering too not only makes you feel a bit better but having them there to discuss different places and getting advice from current pregraduate students will help you make a better, more informed decision. Goodwall has a good track record of linking students to the right college for them – it features more than 3400 universities and colleges around the world and has already made more than 7 million matches, connecting colleges with potential students.

Future international students in particular can benefit from these global connections and information on colleges around the world.

Goodwall CEO, Taha Bawa, who himself had lived in five different countries by the age of 11, wants to inspire students ‘go further and achieve more, embracing the multicultural world we live in.’

Although the app won’t completely eliminate privilege, it gives students the information and exposure they might not get otherwise. By taking advantage of technological advancements, Goodwall can make global connections without excluding anyone due to their socio-economic background.

By Holly Eustance, sponsored by Publicize PR


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