Guru modernizes cultural institutions by providing advanced technology solutions

By Editor September 30, 2015

Guru-logo_logotype.jpgNew experiential technology company aims to transform the way visitors approach and learn from cultural institutions in the 21st century

SAN DIEGOGuru, a new experiential technology company that creates apps and solutions for cultural institutions, transforms and revolutionizes the way people experience and learn from museums and popular scenic attractions including parks, aquariums and zoos through its interactive and audio-guided indoor mapping technologies. Guru’s one-of-a-kind educational approach utilizes cutting-edge technology to help individuals easily navigate and explore spaces and city attractions in a personal way. This essential tool encourages modern and non-traditional storytelling for people to gain knowledge of various facets such as history, arts, science and more.

“I created Guru to make learning more fun and change people’s current perception of cultural institutions and tours,” said Paul Burke, founder and CEO of Guru. “Guru helps both parties, the attendees and attractions, to elevate the level of user interactivity as we work with establishments to find a solution that speaks to their audience in a modern and digestible way. We are passionate and determined to present a new way for visitors to interact with museums, parks and attractions and remind consumers to not be afraid to merge learning and entertainment. In addition, Guru strives to empower users to take ownership of their cultural experiences, now easily accessible at the palm of their hands.”

Users can access guided tours through a specific institutions’ group-friendly tour app, powered by Guru, or choose to explore on their own by creating a personalized and customizable tour. Easily downloadable and available on iOS and Android devices, each easy-to-use app is able to pinpoint a person’s location via Bluetooth capability and lights up with engaging information and factoids as an individual walks by a specific exhibit. Guru powered apps have multiple features allowing visitors to make the most out of tours, including virtual augmented reality capabilities and time-saving functions that allow visitors to map out tours ahead of time, in addition to other various educational and useful tools.

Currently, Guru is partnered with Balboa Park, San Diego Museum of Art and USS Iowa Museum. Most of Guru’s apps are free for everyone and features over 120 audio tours stops, various themed tours, numerous language translation options and more advanced technology solutions specific to a particular institutions’ needs.

Guru is in talks with a variety of other museums and organizations across the country and worldwide to unlock other treasures and mysteries that follow behind each piece or place.

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About: Guru is an experiential technology company that creates apps and solutions for scenic attractions including museums, parks, aquariums and zoos to change the way attendees experience learning at cultural institutions. Guru’s educational platform utilizes cutting-edge solutions to help users easily navigate and explore a specific exhibit or city attraction in seconds by providing exciting information and various tour options fitting for everyone’s interests. The app, customized for each institution, is easily downloadable and available on iOS and Android devices and serves as an expert tour guide to encourage users to take ownership of their own experiences in a modernized way. The Guru team seeks to bring a fresh perspective on how to approach learning at large establishments and assist individuals in rediscovering historical hidden gems that come with exploring well-known attractions.