Helios Interactive—vanguard of the ‘3D economy’

By Editor October 6, 2010

This has got to be someone’s “cool company of the day.”  Helios Interactive, a company that makes 3D displays and interactive platforms, today announced that it has nearly doubled its Helios Interactive logoyear-over-year revenue.  Not bad for a company launched in 2008, during the depths of the recession.

The San Francisco-based company says that its work in the interactive platforms field includes augmented reality, gesture recognition, touch displays, multi-touch applications, auto stereoscopy, and mobile apps.  Mike Schaiman, Helios Managing Partner and co-founder argues that the recent popularity of 3D movies is driving his company’s growth: “The emerging ‘3D economy’ is resilient, and while major challenges remain for businesses in the diverse sectors we serve, this has also been a time of immense opportunity.  What this tells us is that true engagement appears to be recession-proof.”