Hot take: How BrandBastion is protecting companies from social media threats and online vulnerability

By Tim Hinchliffe September 29, 2016

There are trolls living under the bridge in Social Media land – and they hate brand advertising with a passion.

Facebook alone has over 1.71 billion monthly active users, and while this enables companies to connect with huge audiences, they also have to contend with spam comments, hate speech, and links to malware.

Vandalistic comments, which often contain harmful and inappropriate content, are seen by customer who then associates this with the company. This can do a lot of damage to a company’s reputation. Posts and ads not only face a constant threat from spam and phishing attacks, but they also sometimes lose out to other brands which take advantage of their posts by leaving promotional comments and gaining exposure themselves.

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There are reportedly 170 million of these trolls and spammers, so perhaps it’s time to bring out the pest control. After seeing a case where a company was being sued for comments left on their Facebook page and realizing the scale of the problem, Jenny Wolfram founded BrandBastion in 2013.

BrandBastion and its team of technical experts provide companies with real-time protection of brand reputation and ad performance on social media.

Companies can get the most out of their presence on sites like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, company forums and websites with BrandBastion. The company removes harmful content from ads and posts and immediately contact clients when critical situations emerge.

Machine-learning software along with highly trained professionals let BrandBastion react to such incidents within eight minutes. BrandBastion will be there to protect you 24/7 so you and your team can focus on communicating with customers and creating the best campaigns instead of wasting time and energy worrying about threats and spam.

BrandBastion now has offices in New York, San Francisco and Helsinki and works with governments and Fortune 500 brands across multiple industries, in 43 different languages. Companies who have benefitted from BrandBastion’s service include Angry Birds, DealDash and Slush.

For companies, being able to interact with customers is key to gaining exposure and building a great brand. Social media is based on communication and interactive features like the comments section of posts where people can react and respond to what they see is vital. Companies can’t get rid of these interactive features but with BrandBastion they get to control and monitor the content added to their posts. This means they can reduce the potential damage done to their brand reputation thus strengthening their following. The trolls might finally be evicted once and for all.