How personalization is helping companies to build customer loyalty

StartupBeat Team
By StartupBeat Team August 2, 2023

Personalization matters. It’s no surprise that it’s become a key recipe for the success of any commerce — online, onsite or otherwise.

While most think of advertising when discussing personalization, the reality is that it encompasses much more.

A look into “personalization”

In today’s world, personalization has gone beyond advertising — it also includes product digitization, delivery options, communication, and online customer services. Frankly, enterprises need to think about the entire shopping journey, and to determine where personalization is beneficial.

What’s often not discussed is that there are costs to this as well. For one, entities need to build, track, and train. Also, “personalization” can be a double-edged sword – while it brings incremental sales, too much can infringe on privacy.

At the same time, the benefits of personalization have become too large to miss out on.

Below is a look into how Local Express, an end-to-end eCommerce platform, was able to help one enterprise.

Los Gatos Meats

Los Gatos Meats is a specialty grocer with a popular local following. At the same time it lacked a digital presence, and had a limited budget for digital advertising and social media.

This is when it turned to Local Express, which has significant experience in this space, having onboarded over 500 stores. Local Express’ goal is to bring equality and accessibility to the grocery industry.

From the start, by initiating basic but creative personalized email marketing and push notifications, Local Express was able to increase their online sale volume by 238% in one quarter of campaign.

One of the best parts was that this occurred with 89% increase in order volume – meaning that there were significant upsells.

Local Express believes this success was due to various personalization and customization tools to make it more easier for customers to buy.

During this process, when looking at the data of the retailer, a pattern shows a clear cycle that more food purchases around weekend. Without overspending on analytics, Local Express used information to structure “personalized campaigns” such as promotions and alerts before the weekends.

The company also worked with Los Gatos to arrange a personalized email and push campaign around Cinco de Mayo, resulted in new revenue.

This case was one among many that showed it’s increasingly hard to ignore the benefits that personalization in communication can provide.

Smart and creative personalization results in increased sales

While it’s challenging to discern for certain that a specific personalization will achieve a set sales growth, Local Express has found that a creative and high ROI personalized marketing improves the bottom line.

This is very important for local businesses that may not have the resources of national companies.

And from Local Express’ experience working with hundreds of stores, it has often found that the most important are variable that are harder to capture – the human factor. A chief factor among them, said the company, is the stores’ owners/operator commitment to digital transformation.