icitizen releases iOS updates-now available on Android

By Editor February 29, 2016

Civic tech company icitizen releases new app features on iOS 

Solution now available on Android

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Leading civic tech startup icitizen recently released new, enhanced features on iOS. Version 2.1.1 more closely connects citizens with one another, their communities and their elected officials. Access to more public data is now available to support open government and better inform users. For the first time since before the rebrand, the app is also available on Android 4.4 and up.

“We are continuing to build the hub for your civic life,” said CEO and co-founder Russell P. Reeder. “Lowering the barrier of engagement to be in tune and involved with what is happening in the world is what drives our team. We want to make it as easy and as seamless as possible for people to close the loop between voicing their ideas and connecting directly with their elected representatives.”

With the iOS version 2.1.1 release, users will see improved functionality when submitting community issues to icitizen in the form of Issue Cards. They will be able to attach a location to those Issue Cards so that anyone within a specified geographic area will see them and be able to support or oppose them.

Users can also conduct side-by-side comparisons of the demographic breakdowns of each poll result. News will continue to become more localized and personalized with increased user interaction since machine-learning technology will take into account the user’s interests.

“People can make their voices count, anytime, anywhere,” said Reeder. “They can weigh in on issues that directly affect them in their community and government, all from their fingertips. This is just the tip of the iceberg — increasing local empowerment through open communication is not just important in the election year but even more so after the ballots are cast and a new president is elected.”

Additionally, elected representatives, organizations and schools can use icitizen to strengthen communications with constituents, members, and their campus communities. They will be able to educate others on policy changes and conduct polls to gain a deeper understanding of what their stakeholders value and want.

About icitizen:

icitizen is the hub for your civic life. Connect with peers and your elected officials to be heard on the civic issues you care about. With icitizen, you create change at the local, state and federal level. icitizen also provides a leading mobile polling solution to its partners, organizations and government officials to discover valuable insights into what matters most to their stakeholders. The company is dedicated to supporting transparency in government through open communication.