Innovations to Influitive’s advocacy platform help more businesses boost reach, revenue and customer engagement

By Editor June 22, 2016

TORONTO – June 21, 2016 – Influitive today released new innovations for its industry leading advocacy platform to help B2B companies quickly launch and scale their advocate communities. These communities help marketers reach more buyers, accelerate revenue, and retain and grow their customer relationships. The new offerings are based on intelligence gained through the company’s experience with hundreds of B2B companies, thousands of advocates and seven million points of data on advocacy activities.

Buyers are increasingly influenced by peer recommendations instead of marketing campaigns and sales pitches. In response, business leaders are making advocacy an imperative by increasing their focus on the customer experience to turn satisfied clients into vocal fans. Influitive’s new offerings help businesses offer a more engaging and rewarding experience for customers aimed at sparking a movement of passionate advocates behind their brands and products.

“Business leaders are beginning to see cracks in the marketing machine they’ve developed over the last ten years as buyers increasingly turn to peers to cut through the noise. Marketers need authentic customer advocacy to get their messages through,” says Influitive CEO, Mark Organ. “With today’s release, Influitive makes it easier than ever for marketers to deploy and build communities of advocates that increase brand reach, fuel revenue and retain and grow customer relationships.”

Influitive’s AdvocateHub enables companies to activate advocates at scale by bridging fragmented customer-focused initiatives and programs while fulfilling their customers’ desire for social status, access and a shared sense of purpose. AdvocateHub stimulates advocacy and social proof like word of mouth marketing, contributions to vendor and professional communities, content creation and distribution, online reviews, referrals, references and feedback.

The new capabilities in AdvocateHub include:

Personalized advocacy feed – Powered by Influitive’s machine learning technology, AdvocateHub now presents advocates with a personalized feed of activities designed to increase engagement and participation.

Richer advocate connections – New advocate-to-advocate messaging options and rich profile pages in AdvocateHub stimulate a powerful sense of belonging by facilitating peer discovery and connections.

Stronger mobile interactions – Deep linking and customizable push notifications engage advocates on the go, making it easier to promote brands and products from anywhere.

“Advocacy is foundational to successful marketing at Code42 – there’s nothing more powerful than customers evangelizing on your behalf. It helps us engage with hundreds of customer advocates who generate new business and connect more deeply with our company. Customer advocacy and engagement opens new doors for marketers who want an authentic connection, and we believe that Influitive continues to head in the right direction with this new release,” says Ann Fellman, Vice President of Marketing at Code42.

Influitive also released new management, customization and reporting tools for advocate marketers:

Enhanced reporting – Influitive’s AdvocateHub makes it easy to measure the health of an advocacy community, report on value metrics and drill down on what’s most important using powerful customizable visualizations.

Referrals your way – AdvocateHub includes significant new functionality that helps brands acquire and convert high quality referrals from advocates. These include engaging game mechanics, alerts and notifications, and improved Salesforce integration.

Powerful enterprise enhancements – Influitive’s AdvocateHub now gives more control to enterprises with advanced branding customization and single sign-on options.

Influitive is further pleased to announce the launch of Influitive EDGE, a new self-paced online education environment providing marketers with a step-by-step guide to understanding the fundamentals of advocate marketing.

Influitive also announced a brand new company website at, which offers a clean, sophisticated experience and puts the focus on its incredible and successful customers.

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