Ironheart announces launch of performance engineering program

By Tim Hinchliffe May 10, 2017

Ironheart Corporate Advisory, an advisor to high potential companies and executives, launches a one-year immersive Performance Engineering program to increase financial value of privately-held companies.

This 12-month program targets tech-enabled, privately held companies by developing their strategic position in the marketplace. Mid-level companies can gain higher levels of success by reaching exceptional shareholder value in growth.

“The Ironheart Performance Engineering program makes companies more powerful from the inside out,” said Founder and CEO, Chris Mailander. “This means companies are in a position to better negotiate their terms and prices, and are empowered to walk away from deals because they have created better pathways for their long-term growth.”

Ironhearts’ program results are measured through power, freedom and value. A company can increase in value by receiving exceptional yield from their preferred shareholders. They can expect greater power to determine their own future by building a strong foundation for future negotiations. Additionally, company owners can find freedom to choose better pathways for future growth.

“Often companies don’t realise the full risk and weakness of their actions until a transaction is in negotiation,” said Mailander. “This can raise unforeseen problems and reduced financial value, leave deals unclosed and reduce the value of a company’s financial stake. Many privately-held companies fail to reach their full growth potential as they fail to fail to create a long-term strategy for building and exercising power at the future negotiating table.”

Most companies that will benefit from this program are caught between the aggressive startup community and the large, publicly traded companies with immeasurable resources. In the Breaking through this barrier requires organization reorientation to focus on growing enterprise value by building their brand, identity, message and company communications.

Through its tailored techniques, the program focuses on enhancing the skills of owners, executives and founders in areas of communication, media interaction, shareholder value, management and corporate strategy.  

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