Itiliti Health delivers actionable insights on insurance policy authorizations

By Sam Brake Guia February 9, 2022

Conceptualize for a moment, a TV medical drama — however with a physician spending all their time behind a desk.

While this hypothetical episode would undoubtedly get mixed reviews from fans, it may indeed achieve high accolades from critics for it’s stark and unflinching portrayal of realism given how most doctors spend their time. It’s a matter of fact that for decades, the medical profession has been mired by markedly paperwork and administrative tasks. 

Not only are these forms tedious to fill in, there’s still an interim period in which you need to await a response from the person you send the form off to so they can confirm that, yes, your patient’s plan does authorizes them to receive ‘x,y,z’ treatments.

To remedy this, companies devoted to automating administrative tasks have stepped in to free up time for physicians, insurers, and patients all in the name of cutting through the red tape that delays care and prevents lifesaving treatment. 

Itiliti Health is a startup delivering actionable insights on insurance policy authorizations in real time, cutting out the need for pointless delays and achieving less administrative friction at lower cost. 

At this time, Itiliti Health are seeking to disrupt the administrative tasks associated with insurance company authorizations.

Their goal is to benefit patients and doctors by providing a SaaS tool that works with insurers to authorize lifesaving medical procedures instantly, rather than the old way, which requires waiting on a busy human being with a long to-do list to make an assessment of the request.

By helping healthcare insurance providers streamline their prior authorization processes through machine learning, the entire process can move forward more efficiently, thus providing patients faster access to superior care.

You may still never see Itiliti Health’s software in a fancy TV medical drama, but be patient, this is only step one in AI-enabled healthtech. With a bit of luck, robot doctors are not too far behind.