Kimola Launches Data-Centric Brands Program for Brands, Research Companies and B2C Startups, Worth $250,000

By Sam Brake Guia July 11, 2019

Big Data analytics company Kimola today announces the launch of its Data-Centric Brands Program, where it will give away $250,000 worth of its services to 50 brands, research companies, and B2C startups. The 80 day-long program will provide marketers with data on the lifestyle and trends of thousands of anonymously profiled consumers. Applications are open now until August 15th, and LG Electronics Turkey and Kaspersky Lab are already some of the first participants to be accepted into the program.

The program – which will run for 80 days starting on August 16th – invites data-driven marketers to take a journey into consumer insights in order to deeply understand their target group’s lifestyle, trends and behavior. Kimola’s 100% GDPR-compliant Consumer Research Platform offers businesses data on consumers’ affinities towards celebrities, brands, influencers, news media, radio, and TV shows, along with the trends to inform strategies centered around shopper marketing, media buying, communications and digital content. Access to this consumer research improves information accuracy and reduces time and costs for marketers.

In order to enter the program, marketers will need to submit a brief about their company and target consumer group via this link. Then, the Kimola Team will reach out to them and organize a call to understand their pain points while getting insights, and who are their targeted consumers. If the brand is accepted, Kimola’s AI will help them to conduct their consumer research, with the goal to understand the psychographic and demographic nature of their target groups. 

The tool will advise on what to do with the findings, allowing marketers to gain access to insights that are relevant to every step of their marketing strategy, from shopper marketing to media buying. 

“Big data is useless until it’s converted into actions” said Beybin Esen, Co-Founder of Kimola. “That’s why Kimola is bringing actionable insights to the table for marketers. As a technology company, our job is to understand the behaviors of humankind and build rock-solid products to give marketers exactly what they need and save time.”

For a mid-level brand or startup, there are currently no affordable ways to deepen their understanding of their consumers’ lifestyle choices. Getting access to this kind of psychographic audience data would cost them at least $10,000, and without an analyst to interpret the research and turn it into actionable insights, marketing departments could easily lose money in misjudged strategies.

“We have essentially invented a new way to use data, and now we want to use it to help others,” added Kimola Co-Founder Mustafa Savaş.

And for enterprise-level brands, conventional methods of retaining consumer research remain slow and expensive still. So, when companies finally get their hands on the research, it’s often outdated. Kimola’s system builds on conventional research methods, but rather than asking people about their preferences outright, it collects consumer trends and lifestyle data via social media and the web — giving a much more honest insight into a person’s actual interests, habits, and preferences. 

Disclosure: This article includes a client of an Espacio portfolio company