KULT Labs launches innovative social media platform that pays users

By Editor November 19, 2015


KULT Labs has launched a contemporary new platform that will change the way users interact in a social media environment with KULT iD—a mobile app that enables users to tag their favorite stuff and get paid.

The company has partnered with major brands to create opportunities for organic sharing to turn into cash payouts for the user. For example, a user shares their recent workout accomplishment and credits their favorite shoe for helping them reach their goals. Their friend in turn touches the shoe in the photo and is immediately given the opportunity to purchase—the user who posted the shoe earns a royalty on the sale.

With 74% of consumers relying on social media information for their purchasing decisions and 90% of consumers trusting product recommendations from their peers, KULT iD has hit the sweet spot combining these two elements in their platform. (www.tradeglobal.com/bridging-gap-social-media-ecommerce/)

“We’ve created the ultimate platform for users and brands to connect,” said CEO and founder, Jeremy Crawford. “Our app brings the excitement of Times Square to your fingertips and turns people into passionate ambassadors for the brands and products they love.”

KULT iD gives users a new way to connect, discover new places, items and ideas, and most importantly it adds the unique advantage of creating a source of extra income for something people are already doing. KULT Kash is real money that can be spent on the KULT platform or deposited into the user’s bank account; it is not points earned or funds to be used only at specified outlets.

“The benefit for brands is that we have created the opportunity to sell online by taking advantage of an organic and loyal sales force that is free of the overhead of a traditional storefront,” said Crawford.

KULT iD is available now in the AppStore and will launch for Android in early 2016. For more information, please visit www.kultid.com.

About KULT Labs:

The KULT labs team is united by passion. KULT focuses on strategy, design, and development as they passionately pursue the cutting-edge innovation of web, mobile apps, and intelligence software development.

“We’re not here to work on just any project or for any client. We come to the lab to build the best products for the best clients. This is what makes us TICK! Welcome to the KULT.” Learn more at www.kultlabs.com.