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Beautiful portfolio websites, powered by clever tech and you.


Fabrik’s mission is very simple—to create the best, cheapest portfolio platform for creatives. We help creatives (both fresh and experienced) find a way to get their work out to the world and get noticed—providing a solid foundation on which to build their digital presence.

Fabrik completely separates project content from all site styling and technology, enabling creatives to easily add media, blog and share their work on their own portfolio website with no technical requirement at all. Intelligently-designed themes and content sampling algorithms understand and adapt to project content. One-click theme and layout choices, straightforward configurations and customisation mean each Fabrik portfolio becomes truly one of a kind.

Update and personalise your creative portfolio quicker and easier than ever before by connecting to your existing creative services or uploading your work. Fabrik’s clever portfolio technology adapts to your work so it shines, on any device.

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Tim Jarvis (CEO): linkedin.com/in/timjarvis

Ben Foster (CTO): linkedin.com/in/benfosterdev

Phil Jenkins (CPO): linkedin.com/in/prejenkins

Ben spent a couple of years developing the beta product with two now-established commercial directors before differing career choices brought him to London on a contract. Tim ran his own digital agency which he cannibalised to make this product happen. Phil has worked with Tim for five years but has known Ben since his teens.

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WEBSITE: getfabrik.com

YEAR FOUNDED: Founded in 2011 as a side-project. Current team from 2014.

TWITTER: @fabriktweets

FACEBOOK: facebook.com/fabrikpage

LINKEDIN: linkedin.com/company/fabrik-platform