Lightning Pitch: Hire.Bid

By Editor January 19, 2015

HireBid logoCOMPANY: Hire.Bid

PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION: The un-eBay professional marketplace. Hire.Bid is a unique, new marketplace for high-end professional services.

Unlike other websites connecting professionals and clients that often result in a race to the bottom in terms of price (and resulting service to the client), Hire.Bid flips the equation so that the best professionals are able to harness the demand for their expertise by accepting bids for their (available, but not free) time.

As a result, market power is given back to experts. This benefits both highly-qualified professionals and clients interested in using an efficient market to find the best, and not just the cheapest, professionals.

Our unique marketplace, where potential clients bid on professionals’ time blocks, is the opposite of the traditional online marketplace model. In addition, our approach, including our unique hourly value ratings system, results in pricing discovery as to the value of the work product delivered.

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FOUNDER: Neil Sandhu is founder and CEO of Hire.Bid. Neil is a lawyer and successful technology entrepreneur. Neil filed the patent application for Hire.Bid’s unique system and also did all the development work on Hire.Bid.


TWITTER: @hirebid



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