Lightning Pitch: Kibako

By Editor January 23, 2015

Kibako logoCOMPANY: Kibako

PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION: A better way to share files. Kibako is a free Mac app that makes it quick and easy to share files between family, friends and co-workers.

Sharing couldn’t be simpler. Use the keyboard shortcut, drag the file to Kibako or automatically upload your screenshots. It’s up to you. You’ll instantly be given a URL to share with your friends, even if your file hasn’t finished uploading. When it’s done, the file will be displayed on a beautiful website which is ad and distraction free.

With Kibako, you stay in control of your files. We use your Dropbox or Amazon S3 account (more coming soon) to store your files, giving you complete ultimate control over your content.

We’re solving the problem of sharing files quickly and easily, while staying in control and retaining ownership of your content. Our common use case is quickly sharing screenshots and screen recordings amongst colleagues and clients within a project environment; perhaps sharing bugs or cool features that people have found. Kibako can listen out for when screenshots have been taken and automatically upload them, and instantly provide a link. The link can be shared, even before the file is uploaded, and will inform viewers as soon as the file has finished uploading.

Any of the competitors provide similar functionality to ours, but require files be hosted on their servers under their control, instead of leveraging the storage accounts that we already have with providers such as Dropbox and Amazon S3. We allow customers to pick-and-choose the features that they’d like to use within our app, ensuring that people are only paying for the functionality that they want.

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Red Davis is a full-time iOS developer for a startup in the UK called Togethera, having previously worked at Riot (, Fitstar (, Voicemail+ (, etc. (

Nick is CTO at a UK ecommerce agency (Meanbee – and works on several projects in his spare time, such as XBVids (, Indebted ( and OSS (


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