Lightning Pitch: Mindlogr – Vlogging for better well being

By Editor May 15, 2015

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Vlogging for better well-being.


Mindlogr is a private video recording platform which promotes better well-being, mental health, stress management, and mental wellness.

It is primarily a private vlogging platform that helps users to easily make video recordings and store them in the cloud. Recordings can be uploaded or live streamed from the user’s device to the Mindlogr cloud platform, and then subsequently to their own cloud storage if required.

Users can create multiple logbooks and share with other users privately on a one to one basis or in private logbook groups. Personal reflection has long been a powerful tool for personal change and growth and Mindlogr helps by bringing it into the digital era.

Personal diaries, journals, video diaries and other ways of recording a personal story have all been extensively researched and proven as effective techniques for self-expression, awareness and management of mental stress. Mindlogr makes it easier to do this and provides methods to help elicit these memories, stories and thoughts.

Mental stress is a major contributor to many health related problems so Mindlogr is a solution for individuals to ease the pressure without fear of judgement whilst also improving their overall happiness. Our mission is to bring better mind wellness to everyone who is open to a better life.


The project is founded by Eddie Yu. He has been in technology in various capacities since 1999, eventually forming his first company in 2001 in the field of digital marketing.

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