Lightning Pitch: Ping – Send/receive reminders with friends, loved ones and co-workers

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Send and receive reminders with friends, loved ones and co-workers.


Ping is a new social app that lets you send reminders to your friends, co-workers and loved ones. Ping them to send a reminder with a specified location-based alarm, time alarm, and even including a photo and a personalized motivator for them. Ping is designed to make it easier and more fun to remind each other about important tasks and help you manage your time and communication better.

The social app has a minimalistic design, user-friendly UI and engaging features. And best of all, it is free and will always be! We continuously improve the app’s functionality to give our users only the best.

Our story started with the Apple Watch story. As Apple improves its products to make regular day-to-day things easier and more manageable for modern people, we want to keep up on our end. Ping was created to take a ‘to do’ list to another level, and to get ahead of time by not forgetting important tasks. Anyone who has a busy schedule could use Ping, families can use Ping, friends can use Ping….it’s just easier to set a reminder on somebody else’s phone through an app then to remember to remind them when the time comes.

There are some similar apps to create reminders, but our app gives features such as reminding others, setting location alarms, sending photos, commenting under appointments, and motivation to finish a task. We are the only app in the ‘to do list’ app world that has so many truly useful features.


Tigran Grigoryants, Armen Mkrtchyan, Tolik Petrosyants

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  • mike802

    I like how the focus of this app is to remind other people of things they have to do. Normally when you think of a product in the schedule or todo space, you think of something that is designed to help just you, even if it has IoT aspects. I guess what separates this from a standard phone call or message is your ability to have a timer set, which takes the burden off the person doing the reminding.

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