Lightning Pitch: RefreshBox – Create and get subscribers to a weekly five-link collection newsletter

By Editor March 4, 2015

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COMPANY: RefreshBox


Create and get subscribers to your weekly five-link collection newsletter.


RefreshBox is a platform that enables people to browse and subscribe or create and send weekly five-link collection newsletters of their weekly best read. No need to write the content, simply curate it.

Instead of saying how it helps our users, this is what they said when we were trending on Product Hunt:

“It’s a great way for both curators and readers. Curators get to easily share specific knowledge on-the-go and readers get distilled and concurrent information.”

“I’ve been using RefreshBox for almost two months now and I’m really happy with it. It helps me share valuable content I encounter (about growth hacking in my case) with people who are interested in it, easily. It’s so much less friction and less time consuming then writing a blog, or managing my own newsletter on any other platform. Love it!”

We are doing for content curation what blogging platforms did for content creation, and we are the first to give the curators subscribers.

There are two main groups who care about RefreshBox—curators and quality content seekers (subscribers). Using RefreshBox, professionals will be able to gain a solid reputation in their domain, as well as generate a new revenue stream simply by curating their weekly best professional read (which they read anyway, as oppose to writing a blog, or being active on social media).

As for subscribers, people like to get digested content/lists. This is the reason we see so many articles of ‘top X sites about…,’ ‘top 10 action movies’ or ‘7 best restaurants in SF.’

People also believe in the concept of ‘standing on the shoulders of giants’ (this is one of the reasons we follow people on Twitter or read successful professionals’ blogs). However, people don’t have the time or ability to keep track of all the content and feeds on the different platforms out there.

Using RefreshBox, subscribers get distilled content (up to five links per newsletter per week) in the most comfortable way (our inbox is the one place we never forget to visit), increasing subscribers’ chances to get exposure to quality content (instead of just actively searching for content, we are now passively getting content), and all that in less time and with less effort.


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