wri_logoCOMPANY: Wri.io

PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION: All of your web resources indexed in one place.

Wri.io is an online directory where you discover the latest news and the most creative content, gathered from a variety of sources and published on one convenient platform.


Reading articles on multiple sources can be a time-consuming activity. What if you could read all of those articles, gathered on one platform? Manage your own content or explore new content collected by other WRI users.


Finding an article that you would like to read over some time, but you forget to bookmark it and above all that, you forget the source it was on? Haven’t we all been there. Well, not anymore! Bookmark any article or content with ease.


A content so creative and inspiring, you just can’t keep to yourself and want to share it with the world? This is possible! Share it on the most popular social networks through WRI, but don’t forget to share it with other WRI users as well.

Wri.io’s main competitor is usepanda. WRI stands with its aesthetics and user-friendly approach to consuming large amounts of content, which is also available from your mobile browser. Also, users are able to create their own (private/open) channels for other people to follow.


HEADQUARTERS: ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands

WEBSITE: www.wri.io

FOUNDERS: Erhan Karadeniz is an all-around (web) developer and designer based in the Netherlands.


TWITTER: @wri_io

FACEBOOK: facebook.com/wri.io